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Fables Den
spiritual wayfaring with creativity, imagination & tarot

& Stories from
the Tarot Kingdom

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how would you like to level up?

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The Tarot Kingdom:
level up your tarot skills  

Learn how to read tarot and easily memorize all 78 cards with this fun and story-infused framework: Enter the Tarot Kingdom -  a place of Archetypal Deities, Elemental Kingdoms, Royalties and, of course, the Common Folks. Spice up  & energize your tarot study! 

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The imagination station:
explore & create

Explore, empower and express your creative identity and unique imagination + learn how you can use tarot as brainstorming and creative tool to tell powerful stories. Oh, and get you out of that creative constipation - khem. I mean uh, writer's block. 

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gears & gadgets upgrade: 
life’s rpg essentials

The ultimate equipment stash for spiritual wayfarers + paperplanning tarot heroes! Daily draw calendars & pattern trackers, planning & productivity toolkits, and tarot spread books to help you document your journey and vamp up your practice.


Hey there,
I'm Kim!

Keeper and creator of Fables Den...who is on an epic quest to help you level up your life with tarot

I am here to help you explore the world of tarot through fun and creative storytelling, and teach you how you can utilize tarot to deepen your spiritual practice and shine your unique light. β€

But yeah, outside of Fables Den, I am a carefree panda with a fluffy heart that likes to chill in front of my laptop with a cup of English Breakfast tea and annoy my orange cat with affectionate pokes. β€ 


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a royal crash course

πŸ‘‘ Memorize + understand the court cards
πŸ‘‘ Tell the court cards apart
πŸ‘‘ Interpret court cards in readings
πŸ‘‘ Read with confidenceπŸ’ͺ
πŸ‘‘ LEVEL UP πŸ„

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