The Adventurer's Guide to Tarot

An action-packed 32 pager that you can read + fill out digitally. ❤  No more boring memorizations and definitions! Learn tarot the FUN and EXCITING way - with lots of exercises, tools and printables to jumpstart your epic tarot journey!  

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      A splash of Zen, a brush of Tao, a touch of whimsy, and tons of furry adorableness. A deck for serious chillers, carefree wanderers & panda lovers in dreamy watercolour. 

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      Once Upon a Panda

      Hey there, I’m Kim, the “panda” behind the “pandas” - a.k.a. the creator of Way of the Panda Tarot! I’ve loved and adored pandas all of my life. I mean, just look at them. All day every day, they munch on the crunch of bamboos. They roll around in the grass under the sunshine, and they get stuck in a tire. Then they sleep. And they’re always happy.

      For me, pandas are more than just the hallmark of lazy. One of the major reasons why I wanted to create a panda themed tarot deck - other than pandas are just so uh, unbearably cute - is to capture the sweet, playful, introspective, and carefree nature of the panda spirit through the archetypes of tarot. We all need a bit more ease, a bit more peace - in this increasingly noisy and fast-paced world.


      Keep Calm and Panda On

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      The Deck Origin Story

      Read more about how this deck “rolled” into my life, panda-style: what inspired me and motivated me to commit to this magical project and how the whole thing got started.

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      The Panda Philosophy

      What exactly is the “way of the panda”? Is it Zen? Taoist? Read more about the panda as an animal totem and a motif for living a peaceful, meaningful life.

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      The Panda Gallery

      Behind-the-scenes photos, spreads, and of course, adorable images / cards from this deck for you to check out. Click here for some irrepressible panda cuteness!


      Meet the Artist

      Meet the incredibly talented Celia - she’s the one helping me manifest my panda ideas into gorgeous watercolor!


      I'm Celia, and I'm an illustrator from Barcelona. Since I was a child, my passion has been art. I spent most of my time drawing, even in the school, I drew everywhere (even when I didn't have a paper or notebook, I drew on the table).

      I studied Fine Arts at UB (Barcelona University), majoring on illustration, and at the last course I realized that I didn't know what to do when I graduated. Finally I decided to continue studying... bakery! (that was just a hobby, but I thought, hey! why not?)

      After spending two years of my life studying bakery, I had a revelation: I should have never left art! I discovered that art is and always will be my true passion, so I started drawing again, and little by little I think (and I hope) that I can make a living out of what I love the most: creating beauty.

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