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My e-book: Tarot Beginnings: An Introductory Guide to the Story & Study of Tarot is finally joining the Den! Written with a pinch of poeticism, a spark of lighthearted humour and a swirl of goofy quirk, Tarot Beginnings: An Introductory Guide to the Story and Study of Tarot is a 116-paged e-book that explores the world of tarot through the lens of storytelling. Subscribe to the Den Newsletter to receive a FREE CHAPTER. Or click here to purchase a copy. Thank you so much for your interest and support. 🙂

6a013485f24774970c01b7c8f69290970b-300wiThe First International Tarot Day is coming soon, and I am collaborating with an amazing army of tarot enthusiasts to celebrate this very special day. The 2017 International Tarot Day Deck and the Tarot Blog Hop is a few of the many awesome collaborative projects and activities that are taking place to launch the first ever Tarot Day. The amount of love and passion that are gathered are truly inspiring! You can check out my 4 of Pentacles card and other awesome contributors here. 🙂 For the blog hop, stay tuned for more information!

tarot and productivity blog picTarot + Productivity: The Fool’s Journey is an ongoing series here at the Den. Infused with archeyptal wisdom and productive musings, this collection of blog posts journeys through the major arcana archetypes (and quite possibly the minors afterwards). Productivity is not just a linear mode of “producing products”, time management and goal setting. It is a creative lifestyle that reflects the organic rhythm defined by our choices, who we are and how we work as individuals. Subscribe to never miss a post!

Stuff to Check Out!

FREE TAROT WORKSHEETSCheck out Fables Den’s tarot study resources! New to tarot or looking for a creative approach (involving fun storytelling!) to reconnect with tarot? Check out my Youtube series “A Tarot Story for a creative introduction to the world of tarot, as well as all the free worksheets that accompany the series on this blog. Also, there are lots of tarot journaling tools and exercises as well! Don’t miss out. 😀

Tarot Daily Draw Tracker + Review 2 in 1 PackageI makez printable-za! For you tarot peeps who do daily draws: if you need a place to track your daily draw results at a glance, and you want to keep track of all the statistics of card occurrences, dominant trends and energies and themes….then you must grab the Den’s 2 newest tarot printables for $3.99 CAD! (Or $2.99 each) Calendar available in 4 colours, both printable are letter-sized. Visit the Fables Den Etsy for more details. 🙂

Logo 04Book a story-themed reading! Intuitive tarot readings infused with the magic of storytelling. Visit the Den Shop for awesome stuff like The Wonderland Reading, Mad Tea Party Reading, Road Through Faery Reading, Keep Calm & Drink Tea Reading and many more!

Pick up a tarot printable! Need a calendar tracker for your daily draws? How about a analytic/review sheet to chart your data? (or both?) Check out the increasing collection of Fables Den’s tarot stationary and learning “gadgets”!

What’s on Sale?

08The new Level Up! Productivity Tarot Reading is currently 20% off ($19.99 CAD) 🙂 Becoming more productive isn’t a simple (and boring) matter of goal setting and better time management – it is an epic quest and fun adventure to create a more authentic + empowered life! Let’s smash the conventional productivity paradigm + find your own productive groove.  LEVEL UP!!!

game of thrones readingIt is almost that time of the year, my fellow Thronies! Yes. Season 7 is going to air on July 16 and to celebrate this upcoming epic, I have made the Faith of the Seven Reading availbale via my Etsy Shop. Consult the Seven: the Father, the Mother, the Maiden, the Crone, the Smith, the Warrior, and the Stranger and learn from their wisdom. This unique story-themed spread will help you sit on the Iron Throne of Life! Use the promo code WINTERISCOMING at the checkout for an additional 25% off.