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Hey there, I'm Kim!

You want to level up your tarot skills - but you're going nowhere with the boring textbook definitions you've been reading. All the keywords are the same - you're starting to feel like you're just collecting synonyms. And all the information overload is making your brain feel like it's just being spoonfed scoops and scoops of mushy baby food. Bleh!

Bleh, indeed! If you're looking for a fun and easy way to study tarot, you're at the right place! *jumps into scene with panda onesie on* Because I'm here to help you memorize the 78 cards of tarot + become fluent in your tarot through imagination, storytelling and fun.

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Let me tell you a
secret...I never liked
reading tarot books either.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying that I never read any tarot-related books, or that I absolutely hate them. The books I started out with were integral to my tarot learning and helped me shake off my newbie status. But after a while, I just felt like I was reading the same thing over and over and over. And personally, I have never been interested in the esoteric or witchy side of tarot, so a lot of the information out there didn't seem like they were for me.


So I kind of just wandered off and started to explore things on my own...and found my very own magical doorway
to the tarot kingdom.

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Basically, I studied tarot like an eager English literature major.

Super nerdy, right? And by the way, in case you were wondering - I was an English literature major back in university. I studied Shakespeare, poetry, and various genres of contemporary literature. (My favourite was and still is fantasy literature, hehe!) Long story short - I was in love with unpacking ideas that were expressed through the actions of a character, through imagery & symbolism, through theme, and through the general wonderworkings of fiction - and then seeing how those ideas relate to me and the way I see the world.

And as I observed the similarities between the system of tarot and the study of literature, it was kind of a no-brainer that I ended up applying my nerdy & literary tendencies to reading tarot cards. I've always thought that the process of reading tarot cards is kind of like reading poetry. You savour a poem by allowing yourself to be touched by it. You allowed yourself to enter its space-time and drop, landing softly at its core.

And as you fall into the 78 cards of tarot, you are inevitably transformed by the stories that those cards tell.



How I got started with tarot is kind of boring. I don't really have a tragic backstory or anything like that - how tarot "happened" was simply...I bought myself a deck because…I thought it was cool. And then I saw a Youtube video made by the lovely Kelly-Ann Maddox, who explained that tarot can be a psychospiritual tool for personal development and growth. And also, I guess I was drawn to it? But it wasn't like the sky cracked open and angels came down to deliver a deck of cards to my doorstep or anything. 

Having that said - when tarot came into my life, I think the Universe and my Higher Self gave me the most epic high five. Confetti and glitter were thrown. Champagne bottles were popped. Victory dances were commenced. Who knew tarot was going to completely take over my life in such a way? Haha. Tarot became my passion. It fed my soul like nothing else would. Tarot's guidance inspired me to cultivate a more creative and mindful life, and motivated me to pursue authenticity and fearless self-expression.

I found many things in tarot. I found spirituality in tarot. I found fun and imagination in tarot. 

And most important of all, I found myself in tarot. The four siblings entered Narnia through an old dusty wardrobe to become the kings and queens of a magical world. Harry Potter hopped onto Hogwarts Express to become the wizard that defeated the dark lord.

Every fantastical adventure that is worthwhile begins with a spark and a portal, and tarot was mine. A deck of 78 cards, so small yet so infinite, was the magical portal that initiated me to the beginning of my epic heart-quest. 


Tarot totally changed my life. And it can change your life, too.


The most awesome thing about tarot is that...you can use it for all kinds of leveling up you want to do in life.

And you can use it for all kinds of leveling up you want to do in life because tarot is a powerful and truthful mirror that captures who you really are. It urges you to look yourself in the eye, to face your flaws, your mistakes and your imperfections head on so that you can learn from them - so you can grow. And level up. And beat that boss level and move on to the next stage with courage and grace.

But that's not the best thing about tarot. The best thing about tarot is that it shows you what you're truly made of. It tells the story of your unique charms, your strengths, your superpowers. It shows you how strong and how competent you actually are.

When you're down and trodden, it reminds you that your soul has bigger biceps than Popeye's after a can of spinach. When you're trapped with nowhere to go, tarot tells you that if you make a fist, you can smash through those walls like a wrecking ball. And when you're sad and broken, well, tarot will say that your heart is a space that is as big and free as the sky above you.

There are many things in this world that act as a gateway to one's authentic power. Tarot is one of those things. This is the reason why I think tarot is so incredible and amazing. Personal life coach, inspirational speaker, cheerleader, listener and healer all in one? Hell yeah. And guess what's the cherry on top?

Tarot is...A MIRROR. Its wisdom is MY wisdom. Its power is MY power. Tarot reminds me that I am the hero and champion of my frigging life and I have the power to choose whatever the heck I want to create - and everything I need is already within me.

And yes, that is me attempting to power up like a Super Saiyan at Target. Back when Target was still a thing in Canada, that is.

And if you're reading this - I want you to know that everything you need to live the life that you want and be the person you dream of being - is already within you, too.






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