explore the magical tarot kingdom

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The Tarot Kingdom:
level up your tarot skills  

Learn how to read tarot and easily memorize all 78 cards with this fun and story-infused framework: Enter the Tarot Kingdom -  a place of Archetypal Deities, Elemental Kingdoms, Royalties and, of course, the Common Folks. Spice up  & energize your tarot study! 

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The imagination station:
explore & create

Explore, empower and express your creative identity and unique imagination + learn how you can use tarot as brainstorming and creative tool to tell powerful stories. Oh, and get you out of that creative constipation - khem. I mean uh, writer's block. 

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gears & gadgets upgrade: 
life’s rpg essentials

The ultimate equipment stash for spiritual wayfarers + paperplanning tarot heroes! Daily draw calendars & pattern trackers, planning & productivity toolkits, and tarot spread books to help you document your journey and vamp up your practice.