10 Listopia + Journaling Prompts for the Major Arcana

02-major arcana listopia journaling prompts.png

 A few tips and suggestions before you dive in:

  • Pinterest for lists in general.

  • 8tracks of making musical playlists.

  • Do this with a tarot buddy and see what you come up with together!

  • No stress + have fun!

Alright, here we go.

10 listopia + journaling prompts for the major arcana!

  1. If each archetype were a _______________, what would they be? (PLUG-IN: song or soundtrack, book, movie, TV show, fictional character, celebrity, historical site, country, colour, place/location, animal, mythical creature, cup of tea, quote, household appliance, crystal/precious gemstone, stationary, sport, dance, kind of weather, tarot deck, vehicle, emotion, philosophical perspective, etc.)

  2. Who does each archetype remind you of in real life? Associate each archetype with a person you know and explore your answers. They can be people who are in your life, public figures or celebrities that you look up to, a historical figure, or a mixture of all three.

  3. Associate or create a major arcana inspired fashion look for each archetype. What would be a "Magician" look? How about "Death"? What materials, brands, colours, and/or accessories would you choose and why?

  4. Pretend you have the world's food ingredients and spices at your disposal and you are free to use them to create any dish you want--sky's the limit. What would you create for each archetype? Or, if you are not much of a cook, what kind of food or dishes would you associate with each archetype?

  5. If you were a career counselor offering advice to each and every archetype, what occupation(s) would you encourage them to pursue? For example, The Star archetype might be a yoga instructor or a nurse because of its healing properties.

  6. The archetypes are invited to be the judges of a reality talent show & competition. How would they react and what would they say to a good performance? How about a bad one?

  7. What relationship advice would each archetype give you if you are trapped in a toxic relationship?

  8. What would each archetype say to a person who is having a shitty day?

  9. If the archetypes had a dark secret or addiction, what would it be? For example, The Wheel of Fortune might be addicted to gambling and Justice might be addicted to the television show CSI. This can be a fun secret or guilty pleasure, or you can really explore the shadow side of the archetype.

  10. Speaking of shadow side--let's pretend the archetypes have all given in to the dark side since, you know, the dark side has cookies. What "advice" would they give you when you are having a shitty day? How would they try to convince you or coax you into remaining with your ego?

Aaaand that's it for now. I hope you had fun! Which journal prompt did you enjoy the most? Which question gave you a light bulb moment and was deeply revelatory? Let me know in the comments below and share your lists with me!