Cosmic DNA Meditation and Visualization Guide

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This guide is perfect for: locating your sense of self, finding your purpose, and anchoring into your personal power.

I've come across the creatures described in this meditation and visualization guide in a series of dreams. Upon meeting them, I felt transformed by their spiritual presence and their wisdom. I am incorporating some of the images I've seen and experienced in this guide.

You can also use this guide a meditative creative journaling guide. Unleash your imagination and allow your intuition to carry you towards inspiration, deep awareness, and personal insight.

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Begin your meditation as you normally would. Start with a prayer to your spirit guide. Ground and centre. Cast a circle. But if you don’t really have a set intro to your meditation, this is how you can begin.Sit or lie down comfortably. Take a few deep breaths to settle into your body. Relinquish the control that you have over your physical self. You are no longer a centralized skeleton with limbs to move. You are a cloud, a consciousness, pure energy. You sink into your body and melt into it. You engulf it like a dream, like soft breezes in a forest, like ocean water. You feel into your own depth, your heart a vastly open sky.

Space and time no longer matter. You dive inwards, into infinite heart-space. As you dive deeper, and deeper, the light begins to dim, until you are encompassed by a black vastness: drifting, serene. You realize that you are infinite, and that every single lifetime you have ever lived to experience is now converging. Strands of narrative pooling together to make a whole. A story that is you, your essence.

From the distance, a majestic shimmering creature appears, its body rippling, gliding on light, graceful and cosmic. It swims towards you, envelops you in its being and consciousness. You allow it to carry you. Together, as one, you dive. You dive into the strands of your DNA, a cellular, microscopic world that exists on the plane of all planes. A place of truth, and pristine clarity. Your shadow, your ego, and your worldly attachments have no hold of you here. Here, there is only you, and those that guard you in the spirit-realms stretching and resonating across time and space.

The shimmering creature casts you a question. You do not hear its voice, but you feel the question form and settle in you. It speaks. It urges you to connect with who you really are, your soul, your spirit's essence. It then guides you to the strand of your DNA that is connected with your present lifetime.

Who are you in this lifetime?

And then, it asks:

Why are you here?

And pauses.

What are you here to learn?

You reflect on the challenges that you have experienced in your life so far. As you examine them, connected to the love of the cosmos, you see those experiences without judgement, without resentment, without attachment. You see them as truths; with clarity, and love.

What are you here to build in this life time?

The things you struggle with. The things that challenge you. The people that challenge you. They are here to help you build what you could not, perhaps in other lifetimes. They are here to give you power. As they reflect your weaknesses back at you, they show you the incredible courage, wisdom and strength that you possess deep within your bones to overcome them. It is written, encoded in your DNA. It is who you are. And it is your destiny to activate those potent genes, deep within, dormant on a cellular level. Choose to bring them forward. They are here to serve you in this lifetime. They are your strengths waiting to be developed and unleashed.

Your choice changes your DNA. Fates are altered and transformed when you choose. Choose to grow to your fullest potential, and come to realize that there is no limit to what you can become.

So choose. Choose to change. Choose to evolve.

What do you choose?

You say your choice out loud in your head. You feel true authentic power vibrate: the truth of it, the grandness of it, the potency. You feel it singing in your blood stream. Shaking your bones. Making them stronger. Pulsating through your heart like a dream.

This is your Choice. Your Evolution. Your Truth. Your Power. 

What will you choose and choose again?

You answer that question, smiling ear to ear. What will you choose and choose again?

You open your eyes. You know the answer. You feel the answer. It is inside and all around you. It is part of you, all of you, every layer and dimension of you.

You are the answer.