Mermaid Meditation: Free Your Fears


Mermaid Meditation: Free Your Fears is a collaborative effort between me and the wonderful Anielle from @aniellereidtarot. This guided meditation will lead you down to the deep oceanic world where mermaids dwell: a gentle plunge into the depths of your subconscious in order to confront your fears and liberate yourself from their grasp. It's perfect for shadow work, emotional clearing and personal development.In this 10 minute meditation audio/track, you will be led by Anielle's voice, which is soothing, nuanced and pristine. (Imagine trying to drift into a trance with my voice. I think my voice and tone are good for inciting silliness and goofy wisdom, but not good for inducing calmness in the mind.)

Charged with the mission of writing the script for the meditation, I stayed true to my style of storytelling and incorporated rich descriptions and imagery about the mermaid, the depths of the sea, and metaphorical representations of spiritual awakening. Anielle also consulted her mermaid oracle to make sure we are channeling the right messages with our creativity, and she relayed to me that the meditation should definitely include language about how "water carries the vibrations of all that has gone and can hold all that will be." Going into the water, in essence, is a journey that we choose to partake--diving into the depths of our subconsciousness, taping into the part of us that is interconnected with infinity, and releasing our fears that reside within the core of our existence across all of our lifetimes.

I kept that in mind as I composed the script. I e-mailed Anielle what I had finished and then the rest is history--the text came to life with her lyrical voice. (By the way, if you haven't checked out her music, you really need to. 

I am so happy that Anielle asked me for this collaboration. To be honest, I was a little bit apprehensive as all the terrible group project memories from my academic days came rushing back: being the only person who gave a shit about the assignment, being paired with classmates that were only interested in doing minimal work, or helpless stuck with a passive-aggressive control freak that sought to micro-manage everything...

But our creative venture was by far the best one I have ever participated in, and I got to experience the magic of seeing something amazing come to life through the collective creative efforts from both of us. It was super cool, and it was full of awesomeness and ease. (Sorry I was a bit anal and defensive at the beginning, Anielle. :P)

Anyhoo. Team Anielle and Kim (team name, maybe?) will definitely be creating more meditation guides together. Let us know what your experiences are in the comments section with our very first Mermaid Meditation, and what you would like to see in the future.

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