The Tarot Spread Machine: 33 Doodled Spreads ranging from the Tardis to Lemon Treacles

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So to celebrate International Tarot Day, I ran a "virtual booth" via the Facebook group Tarot Nerds (created by Shonna Hill). Since spread-crafting is one of my favourite things to do when it comes to tarot, and I am currently in need of any "excuses" to practice my drawing and doodling skills, I conjured the Tarot Spread Machine Booth and invited members to pitch a spread idea along a suggested theme and function--and I would "run the idea through the Spread Machine" (a.k.a. my brain and my pen) and simultaneously create a spread from it. Within the span of 2 days, the Spread Machine churned its engines and produced 33 tarot spreads of varying themes and uses, accompanied by adorable and quirky doodles done by my hand.Here is...well, every single one of them. Hand-drawn and authentically made by Yours Truly. All spread positions are designed by me as well.Since this was celebratory and an act of sharing, I totally forgot to include a toggle. Feel free to share, use and distribute the following spreads. You can tag me at @fablesden on Instagram, or you can always link it back to this website. :) Thanks a bunch!


The Soap Opera Spread

Pitch by Erica Vanaver

1-Oh, the Drama: What's the story?
2-WTF just happened? What is taking me by surprise?
3-Woe is me: how do I cope with all this negativity?
4-Where's the remote I can't watch this anymore: How do I move on from my life's drama?


The Spiritual Quest Spread

Pitch by Meg Watson Riegel

1-The Sword of Truth: What is my truth-that I should hold onto for this spiritual quest?
2- My Tarot Deck: What is my intuition telling me?
3- Incense and Crystals: How can I best take care of myself (energy boost)?
4- Steadfast + quick lil' feet: How do I remain steadfast and consistent with my spiritual quest/practice?
5-Divine Guidance: What does the Universe/my Spirit Guide/God want me to know?


The Breaking Bad Habit Spread

Pitch by Marilyn Roxie

1-What is the bad habit I am trying to break?
2-Why do I have this habit?
3-How do I break this habit?
4-Change my perspective: What's another way I can look at this?

The Roller Coaster Spread

(for dealing with difficult emotions)
Pitch by Rachel Motes

1-Start: What is causing all the difficult emotions? What's the situation?
2-Dread: What am I anticipating that is causing me dread? What am I fearing?
3-The Downward Spiral: What is making my feelings escalate and how can I stop this downward spiral?
4-The Ride: How do I ride through these emotional waves and arrive safely on the other side?

The Coffee and Reflections Spread

Pitch by Desiree Bonilla

1-I can't think without my coffee: How can I jumpstart my reflections? What is something in need of my attention?
2- Registering Caffeine: How will these thoughts/reflections help me?
3-Sips of Wisdom and Insight: What can I learn?


The Too Many Tasks Spread

Pitch by Gina Mercedes

1-First Things First: What do I start with?
2- The Climb: What's hard (or feels hard) but necessary?
3-The Prize: Keep my eye on the prize! What am I trying to accomplish here?
4-Distractions: Things I shouldn't be worried about right now


The Power of the Pen Spread

Pitch by Shinjini Mehrotra

1-Brainstorm: What is something I would like to explore?
2-Activate Pen: Why is this topic meaningful to me?
3-Reader's Digest: How will this topic impact my audience/readers?


The Class Map Spread

Pitch by Rose-Marie Laimee

1-Topic/Theme of your class or course
2- Focus: specific focus within the context of your topic
3- Approach: how can you best deliver this topic?
4-Prospective Students: who are your students/audience? What do you need to know about who you're teaching to?
5-Value: What is the value of your course?
6-Flow: How can you ensure your class has flow and great transitions?
7-Objective: What is the objective of your class? What do you want your students to learn + what do you want them to take away from?
8-Advice: General advice for all the course planning.


The Harry Potter & Unicorn: What does my dream mean Spread?

Pitch by Pamela Chan

1-General Impression: What's the general feeling/impression that you have during your dream?
2-Theme: What is the dream about?
3-Message/insight: What is this dream trying to tell you?
4-Reveal/Suppressed Feelings: What is this dream trying to help you release?
5-Hidden Factors: What is something you have't considered? Or what is something that this dream is bringing to your attention?

The Wine and Relaxation Spread

Pitch by Lorraine Bull

1-Uncork: Let out all that dress. Why do you deserve to relax right now?
2- All those "pour" decisions: What's the bright side to things?
3- Un-Wine/Wine-down: How can you treat yourself?


The You are Friggin' Awesome: Confidence Boost Spread

Pitch by Lisa Mulloy

1-Why am I feeling unconfident/what's bringing me down?
2-Why that is NOT a reason for me to feel unconfident
3-Why I am awesome and what's something I can be confident about?

Pie in the Sky Focus Spread

Pitch by Angela Wilson

1-General Direction/Picture: What is the big picture I am working towards?
2- Clearer Perspective: How can I gain clarity towards what I desire?
3-Options/Pitfalls to Avoid: What is something that is not aligned with my goals
4-Examine Options: What is something I should keep in mind when filtering out my options
5. This is IT! How can I best focus my energy and efforts to achieve my goals? Power card!!!


Juice and Berries: Healthy Diet Planning Spread

By Brit Ta Ny

1-What does a healthy diet make my feel?
2-What do I need to include?
3-What do I need to avoid?

Northwoods Empowerment Spread

Pitch by Laurie Jean

1-The Bear: How can I ground myself in my strength?
2-The Fox: How can I adopt to the situation swiftly and effectively?
3-The Owl: How can I tap ito my own awareness and wisdom?
4-The Hare: How can I be kind to myself and to others?

Floral Blog Post Creation Spread

Pitch by Benebell Wen

0- Seed: The genesis of an idea/inspiration
1- Sprout: How do I begin?
2- Stem: How do I develop this idea?
3- Growth + Nurture: How can I refine this idea/grow it more?

Gummy Bear Goodnight Spread

Pitch by Lauriane Seon

1-Oh I'm a gummy bear: What is stopping me from falling asleep?
2-Yes I'm a gummy bear: Why is it bothering me?
3-I'm a yummy tummy: How can I relax and ease my mind?
4-Funny lucky gummy bear: Good-night from Spirit


Emperor & Empress Twin Flames Healing Spread

Pitch by Lizzy Storey

1-The Mirror: How do you "exist" in each other?
2-The Emperor: How can you define and protect the boundaries you have in this relationship?
3-The Empress: How can you express yourselves in a way that is gentle and loving?
4-The Flame: How can you allow your relationship to heal each other on your life's journey?


Well, that's just like your opinion man Spread

Pitch by Shonna Hill

1-Dude, you should like, just chill man: What can you do to maintain a peaceful conversation/placate the situation?
2-Whoa, don't get in my zone: How can you protect your boundaries?
3-Hug some cat puppies! How can you cheer yourself up and stay cool if somebody rained on your parade?


The Map Spread: for planning and learning something new

Pitch by Ari Blake Daily

1-Start: Where are you right now?
2-The Merchant: What do you need to prepare for this journey?
3-Potential Obstacles (in the form of a flesh eating snail...)
4-Treasure or Power-Ups! What you will gain on this journey
5-X marks the spot! This is your goal and what you are working towards

Flowers for Calming Anxieties Spread

Pitch by Cl Hadley Twinbrook

1-Lavender: How to create a calm and relaxing environment?
2- Chamomile: soothing words for the ego
3-Lemon Balm: how to mentally declutter
4-Valerian: how can I best relax?


Overcoming Social Anxiety Spread

Pitch by Amanda Clayton

1-Where is my overly (and negative) imagination taking me?
2-How can I re-direct these negative energies?
3-Little Steps! What is something I can do to push myself a little?
4-Anchor: What is something or someone I can count on for safety?


Crystal Portfolio: job hunting and career path Spread

Pitch by Olive Doll

Yes I missed the Y please spare me. Gaaaah

1-Green Adventurine: What attitude or mindset will help me attract better opportunities?
2-Rose Quartz: How can I best deal with discouragement and maintain confidence? (love yourself!)
3-Lapis Lazuli: How can I put the best "me" forward and allow others to see the best in me?

Lemon Treacle:

A Spread for Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle Cards
Pitch by Samantha Hamstreet

1-Situation/Context: 1 tarot card + 3 Lenormand cards
2-Answer: 3 Lernormand Cards + Advice (Tarot) + Oracle (Advice)

The Tardis Spread

Pitch by Carol Roberts

1-Deep Past: What are some of the key dynamics or narratives that are affecting the present from your deep past?
2-Past/Trigger: What it something from your past that is directly affecting your experience right now?
3-Now: How has the timeline/space-time culminated up to this point?
4-Be a Time Lord: How to move forward with what you have learned and gathered and create a future that aligns with your personal empowerment and happiness

The United States Army Drill Instructor Spread

Pitch by Gina Cox

1-Get yo' ass up there! Move! How do I get motivated and pumped!?
2-C'mon, you no good stinkin' bum! Work like a wo/man/insert gender!!! How can I best take care of myself and remain in top shape!?
3-What is this mess? Y'call yourself a soldier? What do I need to organize?
4-Keep it movin'! How do I keep on track?

Champagne Bubbles Self Love Spread

Pitch by Jenny Skuse

1-You deserve it: What is something worth celebrating right now?
2-You're worth it! How does this affirm and add to your value?
3-Appreciate yourself! How have you worked hard to be where you are today? Thank yourself!

The Journey Spread

Pitch by Shinjini Mehrotra

0-The Compass: Something that will guide me and ground me in the journey ahead
1-The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step: the first step of this journey
2-you cannot change your journey if you are unwilling to move at all: how can I circumnavigate challenges?
3-Deeper, deeper into your heart: how does this journey transform me?
4-It's the journey, not the destination: what is this journey helping me realize? How is this journey inspiring me?
5-Stars will guide my way: what is my higher purpose or higher calling?


This Way to Dreamland Spread

Pitch by Rose-Marie Laimee

1-The Wishing Star: What do I wish to come true?
2- Catch the shooting star by the tail! Hop onto the next opportunity! How do I seize the moment?
3-The Cosmic Flower of Wonder: What is something wonderful and magical that will happen when I give myself to this wish?
4-The Magic Cupcake: How sweet is success? The power of wishes + counting my blessings!
5-The Mewnicorn Speaketh: This is why I made the wish in the first place! (purpose!)


The Princess Spread

Pitch by Brit Ta Ny

1-My Inner Princess: What is she saying?
2-A dream is a wish your heart makes: What does my inner-princess wish for?
3-Prince Charming: Prince or not, how can my inner-princess be charmed?
4-The Song: How can my inner princess be expressed?

Birds and the Bees Spread

Pitch by Brit Ta Ny

1-My attitude towards sex and sensuality
2-What society expects me or my sexuality to be like or look like
3-What do I desire/What I really want (how can I stay true to what I really what?)
4-how can I have a healthy relationship with my sexuality?

PJ and Tea Spread

Pitch by Jo Ann Merriam and Deborah Carney

1-Just chillin' in my PJ's, don't judge: This is the reason why I deserve absolute relaxation
2-Chillin' and sippin' on this gorgeously healing tea: What shouldn't I be worried about? Let it go!
3-Omg why is this so awesome!? Cuz I'm awesome, hohoho, and here's why


The Majestic Feline Spiral Business Planning Spread

Pitch by Darleen Redman

1-Catalyst for meow-ximum Growth
2-Prowl-ject Focus
3-Troubleshooting for the Puuuuurfect Solution
4-Paw-ductivity Boost
5-The Outermost Spiral and the Glorious Cat Head: 3 month business vision

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