The Adventurer's Guide to Tarot

An action-packed 32 pager that you can read + fill out digitally. ❤  No more boring memorizations and definitions! Learn tarot the FUN and EXCITING way - with lots of exercises, tools and printables to jumpstart your epic tarot journey!  

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    The Tarot Spread Machine Course


    Learn how to modify & adapt spreads, create your own original spreads from scratch + add unique themed elements to your tarot layouts! 

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    Create the perfect spread for yourself, however and whenever you want it! 

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    That sounds AMAZEBALLS!

    I know! Spread creation is SO MUCH FUN - not to mention it is an incredibly useful skill to have! Like whoa. Indeed, crafting spreads could be just the thing you need to take your tarot practice to the next level + make it more meaningful and exciting. 

    💭 If you find yourself thinking...💭

    ⚙️ you're tired of googling for half an hour looking for a spread that answers your exact questions and suits your exact needs for the very specific situation that you're in...

    ⚙️...because let's face it, nobody experiences your life quite like you and looks at tarot the exact way you do, and you don't want to just settle for another "almost fit" spread for your very personal and nuanced situation

    ⚙️...not to mention that you're bored of using other people's spreads and you don't want to just wait around for somebody to create the perfect fun spread for you to try ("Why hasn't anybody created a spread for that particular thing I love yet!?") 

    ⚙️...and yeah! You're just itching to create a spread of your own - a spread with your personality attached to it, a spread made to address your needs, your passions, your specific situation, and your life

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    Then HUZZAH! You're in the perfect place - because a perfectly original tarot spread made by your genius is only

    The 4-Step Spread Creation Process 

    from nothin' to somethin' - the "4 step creation process" from the tarot spread machine course will guide you to...

    ⚙️ Identify the FOCUS + PURPOSE of your spread
    ⚙️ Figure out WHAT spread positions you need to include
    ⚙️ ARRANGE your spread positions in a way that makes sense
    ⚙️ Add THEMED ELEMENTS to make your spread fun + creative!
    ⚙️ TEST-DRIVE + record + finalize your spread ♥ 

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    Why I created this course 

    To simply put, I created this course is because I LOVE SPREAD CRAFTING and I want to share what I love with everybody. Super fluffy, I know. But hey, if you love something, you share it with the world, right? ♥

    People always ask me about my process and some commissioned me to create spreads for them - which I'm super honoured by. But for me, enabling somebody to create a spread is so much more meaningful than just making a spread for them - I'm all for empowering and unlocking someone's creative process. It's one of my greatest joys in life. 

    So yeah...sorry to disappoint you if you were looking looking to read some tragic spread-crafting backstory full of paper-cutting woes or something. 

    Also, another reason why I created this course is because I feel that tarot spreads are often overlooked and taken for granted - because we normally don't focus on them when we're developing as cardslingers. 

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    A tarot spread is kind of like a ROAD MAP that captures your unique perspecives and thought process

    When you think about it, a tarot spread is essentially a creative piece that is super functional, super expressive, and super conductive of the ideas that you're trying to...wait for it..."spread". A tarot spread is more than just a layout where you place your is a reflection of the spread creator's thought process and worldview. 

    From the first spread position to the last, it is a journey that you embark on. When you use a spread created by someone else and go through the spread positions in the order that they've set, you are sort of traveling in their heads a bit, right? 

    Each spread position is a designated checkpoint that guide you to arrive at a particular destination or insight. That's what makes tarot spreads so awesome. That's why I wanted to make this course - I want everybody to be able to partake on this incredibly rewarding and practical creative endeavour. 

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    When you enroll in the Tarot Spread Machine, here's what you're getting:


    ⚙️ 6 CHAPTERS of hands-on spread-crafting walkthroughs that will teach you how to modify & transform a spread, create a spread from scratch (the 4-Step Spread Creation Process), and add fun themed elements to your spread

    ⚙️ ACTIVITIES, EXERCISES & PROMPTS to help you practice and hone your spread crafting skills 


    ⚙️ STUDY MATERIALS like worksheets, notetakers, checklists and cheat sheets to mega-boost your learning & creative process! 

    ⚙️ INSTANT + LIFETIME ACCESS! Go at your own pace and study at a schedule that works for you. This means you get all the course updates as well! 

    ⚙️ Videos + colorful course slides for each lesson 




    create the exact spread that you want, when you want it


    Quest Details

    ...a.k.a. the Course Outline. Here's what you'll be taking on in each chapter.
    Take a look to see if this quest is for you! 


    ⭐CHAPTER 1: Introduction 

    • Introduction + course overview! 
    • Outlines resources and materials you can utilize in this course
    • Get started on the tarot spread making basics! 


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    ⭐CHAPTER 2: Common Spread Types

    • This chapter will focus on exploring the 8 Common Spread Types and will give you tips on how you can best use them to guide your spread creation process. 
    • Detailed Descriptions & examples for each spread type so you know what they are and what they look like! 


    ⭐Chapter 3: Modifying Spreads for Your Own Use

    • Before creating a spread from scratch, this chapter will guide you through the process of modifying spreads. A warm-up before the big games, so to speak! 
    • This chapter will walk you through 3 ways to modify a tarot spread with practical examples to show you exactly how it's done 
    • Chapter details + descriptions here

    ⭐ Chapter 4: Creating Your Own Tarot Spreads

    • In this chapter, you'll learn about how to come up with appropriate spread positions, how to organize and sequence your spread, and how you choose shapes and layouts that will make your spread POP! 
    • You will master the 4-Step Creation Process like a boss + create original spreads that speak to you and your needs! 

    ⭐ Chapter 5: Creating Your Own General Spread

    • In this chapter, you'll learn about how you can create a personalized + multi-purpose general spread for a holistic outlook + for all occasions! 
    • You will learn about the 3 types of general spreads that you can create & what you need to do to make them awesome! 

    ⭐ Chapter 6: Creating Themed Spreads

    • In this chapter, you will learn how you can spice up your spread creation game with themed elements! 
    • Tips on how you can play with language, imagery and story elements to add meaning to your spread + make your spread more interesting and fun! 


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    💡 Unlockables: Creating Spreads for Clients

    • Available in TAROT PRO'S QUEST
    • In this chapter, you will learn how you can create spreads that become your unique tarot offerings to set yourself apart from your peers + how to create custom spreads for your clients! 
    • 22-paged BONUS WORKBOOK to help you hone in on your spread offers! 


    💡 Unlockables: Creating Spreads for Your Original Deck

    • Available in DECK CREATOR'S QUEST
    • In this chapter, you will learn how you can create spreads that are tailored to enhance the experience of your deck depending on your deck's genre, niche, and more!
    • 10-paged BONUS WORKBOOK to create original spreads for your original deck!
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    What are those? 😮

    Unlockables are course add-ons for those of you want to create spreads for others in professional settings and not just for yourself! 


    professoinal tarot reader.png


    ⚙️...and you're looking to create original tarot spreads that can become unique tarot offerings

    ⚙️...that establish your identity as a reader + set you apart from other readers 

    ⚙️...spreads that clearly communicate your values and your approaches to tarot  

    ⚙️...which will help you attract the clients that you want and build your tribe

    ⚙️...and if your spread offerings don't immediately appeal to a client, you want to be equipped with the skills to create customized spreads to address their needs & make your client feel extra special! 

    Then this add-on is for you! Embark on THE TAROT PRO'S QUEST to unlock this add-on. 🗝️

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    If you are a DECK CREATOR...

    ⚙️...and you want to create original spreads to go with your original deck

    ⚙️...spreads that help your deck users explore the genre and story world of your deck

    ⚙️...spreads that guide + teach your deck users how they can best utilize your deck 

    ⚙️...spreads that communicate your intention and your message

    ⚙️...spreads that all-in-all enhance & add to the experience of your deck

    Then this add-on is for you! Embark on THE DECK CREATOR'S QUEST to unlock this add-on. 🗝️

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    photo: the magical Crystals Unicorn Tarot
    by Pamela Chen 


    Enroll Today! 

    There are 3 available quest routes for you to unlock and experience. Which one tickles your fancy, bold adventurer? 



    The Spread Machine Quest

    I'll be making spreads for myself
    whenever i need them & exactly how I need them

    The spread hero's quest with no add-ons. This quest is for cardslingers who are looking for meaningful ways to engage with their tarot practice + express themselves through spread crafting.

    This quest is also for those who no longer wish to be scrolling through the internet and rolling their eyeballs whenever they plan to do a tarot reading for themselves, for that specific question that they have and that situation that they need it for. Why search endlessly when you can create one for yourself on the spot?

    If you're a solo tarot adventurer, this quest route will cover all the spread making basics and it's got everything you'll need to get started + become the ultimate Tarot Spread Machine!


    ⚙️ OVER 30+ PAGES of STUDY MATERIALS: printable notetakers, worksheets & cheat sheets that can also be filled in digitally

    Enroll today to gain instant access to all course materials + become the Tarot Spread Machine!


    The Tarot Pro's Quest

    hello, aspiring / pro reader here!
    whatever i do, i do to "spread" wisdom and love 

    Includes the additional add-on for TAROT PROS. This quest is for aspiring / professional tarot readers who want to create unique tarot offerings that reflect their practice and their identity as readers.

    This quest is also for those who want to level up their ability to create custom spreads for their lovely clients so each reading is considerate and special!

    If you're a tarot professional and you want to put your "best spreads" or "best readings" forward to attract peeps that resonate with you and value your services, this quest is for you! This quest covers all the spread creation basics + access to the Tarot Pro's chapter & workbook! 


    ⚙️ OVER 30+ PAGES of STUDY MATERIALS: printable notetakers, worksheets & cheat sheets that can also be filled in digitally
    ⚙️ NEW UNLOCKED CHAPTER: "Creating Spreads for Clients" 

    Enroll today to gain instant access to all course materials + become the Tarot Spread Machine!


    The Deck Creator's Quest

    I am a deck creator
    and I want some extra magic to "spread"  

    Includes the additional add-on for DECK CREATORS. This quest is for artists, writers and deck creators who wish to create some awesome + kickass spreads to accompany their original tarot / oracle decks!

    This quest is for brave creators who are looking to craft spreads that reflect and carry the spirit of their deck - spreads that add to the experience of their deck and GUIDE their deck users on how they can best utilize their deck. Spreads that cannot be found anywhere else!

    Ditch the Celtic Cross and the Past-Present-Future spread - you don't want to just include basic spreads that everybody want this to be a completely unique experience. This quest covers all spread creation basics + access to the Deck Creator's chapter & workbook!


    ⚙️ OVER 30+ PAGES of STUDY MATERIALS: printable notetakers, worksheets & cheat sheets that can also be filled in digitally
    ⚙️ NEW UNLOCKED CHAPTER: "Creating Spreads for Your Original Deck" 

    Enroll today to gain instant access to all course materials + become the Tarot Spread Machine!


    The Quest of All Quests

    The over-achiever & traveler of all roads
    "what do you mean I have to choose one?"

    This epic quest is the Quest of All Quests and includes EVERYTHING from the Tarot Spread Machine Course!!

    You'll be getting all the chapters from the Spread Machine Quest, the Tarot Pro Quest, and the Deck Creator's Quest. If you're a three-in-one - a cardslinger, a tarot professional AND a deck creator - OR you just want to get your hands on all that this course has to offer - 

    Well then, what are you waiting for? Not only are you getting everything, you're also getting everything for a special bundle price. Because damn. Who doesn't love a good bundle?


    ⚙️ OVER 30+ PAGES of STUDY MATERIALS: printable notetakers, worksheets & cheat sheets that can also be filled in digitally
    ⚙️ NEW UNLOCKED CHAPTER: "Creating Spreads for Your Original Deck" 
    ⚙️ NEW UNLOCKED CHAPTER: "Creating Spreads for Clients" 

    Enroll today to gain instant access to all course materials + become the Tarot Spread Machine!

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    Questions? I Got Answers!

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    1. I’m so confused - Why are there different versions of this course?

    There are essentially three versions, or three “available quests” for this course. There are three versions so cater to the diverse needs of the tarot community. For example, you may be a solo-practitioner and you may not necessary be a deck creator, so why spend money on that chapter? Similarly, you may be a deck creator, but you may not be interested in offering readings or service.

    If you happen to be all three (solo cardslinger, professional tarot reader AND deck creator) or you’re just interested in getting everything, you can purchase the Quest of All Quests which includes EVERYTHING from the Tarot Pro’s Quest and the Deck Creator’s Quest. Like, literally everything and no separations.

    All three courses will contain chapters one to six and all the materials associated with each chapter, so regardless of which version you buy, you will always get the first six chapters of the Tarot Spread Machine.

    2. What level of tarot experience do I need to enroll in this course? 

    This course is friendly and open to all levels of tarot practitioners! Wherever you are on your tarot journey, you will be able to follow along + utilize this course without issue. You don't need to have all the card definitions memorized in order to partake in this course - but it will help if you have some basic experience of doing a tarot reading so you will be able to visualize and understand the flow of a tarot spread as you will be creating spreads that you can read with. If you're a beginner and you're just starting out, you can simply start by creating smaller spreads and move on to bigger and more complex spreads as you grow! This course is all practical process + application, so it can definitely grow with you and accommodate all stages of your tarot journey. 

    3. How long does it take to complete this course? 

    Depending on which "quest" you have decided to embark on, the hours may vary. Plus, this course is do-at-your-own-pace, so you can take it slow, speed it through, or go with the flow. Whatever you like! But just to give you an idea, If you dedicate 30-40 minutes a day, you can complete the Tarot Spread Machine Quest in about 5 days, the Tarot Pro's Quest in about 7 days, and the Deck Creator's Quest in about 7 days as well. 

    4. What materials or technology do I need to complete this course? 

    The course is hosted by Teachable, which is an online platform. You will need either a computer, a tablet, or a phone to be able to access this course. You will also need internet connection. There are printables in this course, so if you have access to a printer, you will be able to print all the PDF documents that are included in the course. This is not necessary if you just want to use the digital copy - as all of the PDF documents can be filled out digitally too. 

    5. When does the course start and finish? 

    Upon purchasing this course, you will gain instant access and you can start immediately. There is no designated start or finish date for this course as this course is do-it-at-your-own-pace. So you are free to begin right away and check back in whenever you feel like it. 

    6. Will this course continue to update? Will I get access to those updates? 

    Yes. This course will evolve based on things like student feedback and what I personally want + expect from the course. You will get access to all the future updates once you've purchased this course. 

    7. What if I'm a total newbie? 

    That's cool! This course is designed for brand new adventurers like you. It covers all the basics that you need to create amazing spreads for yourself so you have absolutely nothing to worry about! 

    8. What if I already know how to create tarot spreads? 

    That's cool, too! This course is designed to add to one's creative process and you are free to utilize this course in whatever way you see fit. The 4-Step Creation Process and all other spread creation strategies are all designed to expand your creative "headspace" + give you more options to make choices that reflect your creative intentions. It is highly adaptable and it's all about enabling you to be creative in your own way. 

    9. Do you offer a refund policy if I don't like the course after i buy it?

    Yes, I offer a 14-DAY refund policy! You may request a refund for up to 14 days after you purchase The Tarot Spread Machine. If you feel that this course isn't helping you with your spread-creation process at all - I will issue a 100% refund.

    To be eligible for the refund, you must: 

    1) Submit your request to within 14 days of purchasing the course, AND
    2) Submit your completed coursework for chapter 1 - chapter 4. This is to show that you have tried and experimented with the content and process provided in this course and it simply isn't working for you. If that is the case, I will offer you a refund. 

    Unfortunately, no refunds will be provided for: 

    • Purchases that were made more than 14 days ago

    • Refund request made without any coursework submitted

    10. Is the course worth it? 

    Hell yeah! I created this course to completely EMPOWER your creative process with practical, easy-to-follow steps and TONS of study materials to help you MAXIMIZE your learning experience. From course content, hands-on examples, walkthroughs, notetakers, worksheets, checklists, reference sheets....when it come to teaching and creating something to help others level up, it's go big or go home for me, yo! 

    11. Am I allowed to share & distribute your course in any way after purchasing? 

    This course is created for your personal and noncommercial use and may not be shared, distributed, modified or re-purposed in any shape or form. Doing so is considered intellectual property theft and an infringement of my creative copyright. All materials attached to this course is for PERSONAL and NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. Please keep that in mind when purchasing and engaging with the course. If you are discovered to be doing something shady with my materials (such as sharing, distributing, modifying and re-purposing without permission), you will get kicked out of the course without being offered a full refund and without any notice. In short, please don't steal my stuff.  

    12. I have more questions that are not included in this Q&A

    Please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail via with all your inquiries. Or if you just want to say hi and tell me how dorky I look with that pencil photo. :P I personally think I look pretty epic and I'm on the road to ultimate glory.