The Minor Arcana Personified - Meet the Minor Gang: Felix, Edward, Lulu and Mundie!


The Minor Arcana Personified - Meet the Minor Gang: Felix, Edward, Lulu and Mundie!

Meet the Adorable Minor Gang! 

Felix, Edward, Lulu and Mundie are the elemental personifications from the Elemental Kingdom. They embody the spirit and essence of each suit, and act and speak according to their element and the traits of their suit. Before reading forward, can you guess who's who?

If you're having trouble memorizing the Ace - 10 cards from each minor arcana suit, or if you are in need of a quick refresher, this page will be perfect for you! Feel free to like, comment, share and download the following infographics for your own need or to show them to other tarot peeps. :)

10 Things About Felix
Suit of Wands/ Fire 

Felix embodies the spirit of the wands and the element of fire. Adventurous and spontaneous, he's always on the move in search for his next mission or epic quest. He lives for the adrenaline and action. It's never occurred to him that he can't accomplish something. If he wants something, you can be sure that he'll be doing something about it--since he's not the type of "suit" to sit around and wait for things to happen.

Known For: unwavering stamina, contagious and unfiltered optimism, and bonecrushing hugs
Best Traits:
 energetic, charming, bold and brave, visionary, gives the best pep talks
Shadow Sides: impatient, rash, doesn't know when to quit, does things without planning and can be annoyingly competitive
Gets Along With: Lulu (she always follows his lead!)
Has Issues With: Mundie (too slow!), and Edward (too much talking!)
Favourite Activites: going on adventures, running, competing
Favourite Quote: "JUST DO IT!" 
Anthem: "Stronger" by Kanye West 

10 Things About Edward
Suit of Swords/ Air

Edward embodies the spirit of the suit of swords and the element of air. is quite the genius, and enjoys philosophical pursuits, thought exercises, and intellectual debates. He likes to mull things over, explore an idea from different perspectives and dimensions, and thoroughly examine something to its fullest extent. He can be a pain in the ass sometimes because he's really stubborn with his opinions, but he's nearly always never wrong and his companions trust him and his knowledge to deliver at crucial times.

Known For: being anal...I mean his witty jokes
Best Traits:
 commitment to truth, detail-oriented, has his shit together at all times
Shadow Sides: egotistic, curt, can be brutal socially, argumentative, judgemental
Gets Along With: Mundie (both are cautious planners and can see the big picture)
Has Issues With: Felix (doesn't care for his opinions) and Lulu (such a butthurt!)
Favourite Activites: reading, writing, researching, debating, watching Judge Judy
Favourite Quote: "I think, therefore I am."
Anthem: "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley

10 Things About Lulu
Suit of Cups/ Water

Lulu embodies the spirit of water and the suit of cups. She is the sweetheart of the group. She loves forming new connections with people and enjoys a good heart-to-heart conversation. She's sensitive, playful and poetic--believing in the best of everyone and seeing the beauty in everything around her. She feels her wounds keenly, but she is also easily appreciative of the kindness and generosity she is shown. A dreamer with a deep well of imagination and intuitive wisdom, Lulu sees the world fresh and anew every time with child-like eyes and touches everyone with her timeless insight and wisdom.

Known For: her sweet lovin'. Plus she believes in fairy-tale endings + makes killer tea 
Best Traits:
sensitive, compassionate, considerate, accepting and forgiving
Shadow Sides: insecure, self-doubt, and prone to moodiness and temper tantrums when things get bad
Gets Along With: Mundie (she's like a caring grandma that gives you good food!)
Has Issues With: Edward (Lulu can't stand his logic and insensitivity), sometimes Felix (he never listens to her!)
Favourite Activites: spending time with her friends and family, daydreaming, losing herself to a good book, preferably fairy-tales
Favourite Quote: "I may think lovedestroys me, but it is love that sets me free." 
Anthem: "Your Song" cover by Ellie Goulding

10 things about Mundie suit of pentacles 1-10.png

10 Things About Mundie
Suit of Pentacles/ Earth

Mundie is the embodiment of earth and the suit of pentacles. She's down to earth, conscientious, and always has things planned out. Never hurried and always evenly and calmly paced, she has her eyes on the future and likes to keep herself busy with the goals and schedule she has set. Every night, she counts the resources she's collected to ground herself in the work she has done and the work she has yet to accomplish. She is also very generous and cares deeply for her community. Sharing is caring, she says!

Known For: once chomped down a tire-sized donut in twenty one seconds because the strawberry glaze was melting--and also her Drake obsession 
Best Traits:
 grounded, productive, no non-sense, doesn't waste time, generous & caring
Shadow Sides: can get a bit possessive and stingy when she feels like she doesn't have enough, doesn't like big changes
Gets Along With: Lulu (the two of them give each other the space they need!)
Has Issues With: Felix (why the heck is he always charging without looking!?)
Favourite Activites: baking, eating the things she's baked, jogging, and doing accounting
Favourite Quote: "Everyday I'm shuffling."
Anthem: "Started from the Bottom" by Drake