Submit Your Tarot & Pet Stories!



Animal tarot readings have always fascinated me, and I honestly feel like it isn't explored enough as a topic in the tarot community!

For me, I pull cards for my cat to check on his mood regularly, and though it is not absolute, tarot has helped me gained better insight and understanding when it comes to anticipating my cat's mood and figuring out where his boundaries are.

I realize my own experience with animal tarot readings are quite limited, however. I could pull cards for a friend's adorable puppy, but I would never understand that dog as much as my friend does. I've never lived with a dog before, never had to take care of a dog, and never had any first hand experience with them on a long term basis.

And the animal kingdom is vast. How about other pets? Non-domestic animals that live in the wild? For me, I definitely believe in using cards to improve our relationship with the animals around us. Animals are incredibly connected to our reality. They are very telepathic and much more tuned into energy and nature, and they are definitely more than just "animal organisms that are less intelligent than the human species". Perhaps that is where we have erred: to evaluate and judge life based on how intellectual they are.

How can human cardslingers use tarot as a tool or gateway to gain better understanding of their animals, and to improve the relationship that they have with each other? How can we become more connected to nature and animals, to tap into the experience that all living beings share with a deck of tarot cards? Those are the questions I am asking and that is why I want to collect stories and experiences. I want to explore this fascinating topic with the rest of the tarot community, with other tarot lovers who are also animal lovers.


So if you're a cardslinger and you happen to pull cards for your animal(s) regularly or once every blue moon, and you totally feel like talking about it, please download the following Q&A! Answer as many questions as you want (there's quite a few, so just pick the ones that speak to you--or do them all!) and once you are done, submit it to Fables Den. Your content will be published on this website as part of an ongoing series Pet & Tarot! :)