The Caffeinated Panda

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CAFFEINATED BEVERAGES & SNACKS. One simply cannot function and start the day without their favourite cup of caffeinated beverage - be it tea or coffee. On a literally level, a small beverage or a little munchy snack can boost prodouctivity, creativity and work flow - giving us a little spike - I mean spark - of good mood and motivating us to get shit done throughout the day. If you’re not a caffeine drinker, what’s your “figurative cup of coffee” that gives you that sweet boost every day?

CREATIVE & PRODUCTIVE SPACES. Speaking of productivity - as you can see, our Caffeintaed Panda has their desk is set up to optimize the workflow and for ease of access. Coffee cups are placed within paw-reach and at the ready, a gorgeous soundtrack is playing in his wireless bluetooth headphones, the phone is, well, within paw - and their laptop is turned on and ready to go. What is your favourite place towork? How can you best optimize your work environment to increase your mood and productivity? If you’re getting tired of your work space, maybe it’s time to explore the city for a new coffee shop to camp in!

TECHNOLOGY & GADGETS. Is technology a curse or a blessing? Well, that’s entirely up to you. While technology and the gadgets that we have nowadays certainly have their downsides, knowing how to best utilize into the functions, softwares and neat tricks of the devices around you can really smooth things over or speed things up! Maybe there’s an app that will really help you with your bookkeeping and finances. Maybe there’s a special planner that helps you track your fitness goals. Or maybe you just need to change the wallpaper of your phone to help you change your mood! The possibilities are endless - what do you feel called to explore right now?

ADMIN & SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT. If you have an online business or you’re an influencer / active on building your social media presence, this can be a great card to see in a reading. Time to engage with your audience and give back to your tribe! Or it could be telling you to finally answer those e-mails, like now - and get some necessary admin work done.


ADDICTION & SMALL UNHEALTHY HABITS. With something as delicious and “functional” as caffeine, it’s hard NOT to get addicted, eh? Are you using your lack of morning coffee as an excuse to be grumpy to people? Is your body shutting down from not drinking that cup of English Breakfast 2 hours earlier? Are you sleeping late while browsing on your phone or watching some gutting soap opera on Netflix? Or are you simply sitting in front of a screen for too long? Maybe it’s time to take a breather, do some light stretching and rest your eyes a little.

ANXIETY, DISTRACTIONS & NEUROTICISM. We talked about the benefits of technology just now - but as we all know, technology can be both stress & anxiety inducing as well as easily time wasting. How many tabs do you have open on your browser when you really should be typing away on your manuscript? Are you still stuck in that loop of “one last Youtube video” while lying on your bed “getting ready to sleep”? Are your eyes so dry that you feel like you can’t even blink anymore? Time to get off screen! Go for a walk, take a social media break - anything but more licking the glaring screen with your eyeballs.

CLUTTER & LAZINESS. How old is that empty chips bag next to your printer? 10 hours old? 10 days? A decade!? WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU CLEANED!? OR GOT OFF FROM YOUR DESK TO MOVE? You’re turning into a potato and you know it. Nothing wrong with being a potato - but everything is about balance. You know you’re hurting you back and your shoulders are aching like crazy from being in the same position for ages. Get up and stop being a lazy sack!!!