Start Your Quest | 9 Gamification Tarot Spreads to Level Up Your Life!

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If you are living your life, chasing your dreams, and planning your success and you need to spice things up, to have a little more excitement in the process--gamification is the perfect way to add some positive and motivating vibes to your game. In this post, I want to share with you 9 gamification-themed tarot spread, through a series of questions, pep talks and spread pictures. I want to inspire you to be your best, because I know you have so much potential in you! We all do!! I want you to know that you are awesome and your life can be anything that you choose to create!!

Success isn't is taken!

Do you just want to play and participate in the game, or do you want to win?
What's your ultimate quest in life? What is your dream? What kind of hero do you want to be?

Select Your Hero Tarot Spread.png

Select Your Hero. Get your head in the game. Check in with your vision. Know who you are. Know who you want to become. Eddie Pinero said in his motivational speech: You are not your past. You are your future--what defines you is the steps that you take to close the distance between you and your dreams.

Get ready to level up. 

The road to success isn't a is a marathon! 

If you're always sprinting, you are going to run out of breath. Are you in this for the long run, or what? How can you allow yourself to have the strength to keep going?

Checkpoint Tarot Spread.png

Stop at necessary checkpoints. Save the game for later. Take the time to nourish yourself and your strength. You can't fight wars on an empty stomach, you can't keep running when you are tired, and you can't win at life if you have no more HP (health points!) to last you to the boss levels!

Rest regularly, not just when you need to, and most certainly not when you are forced to. 

Shit happens. In fact, it is guaranteed to happen!

Did you just lose your footing? Did something go wrong? What are the challenges that you currently face? How did it take you by surprise? How can you solve these challenges?

Glitched Tarot Spread.png

Glitches are not supposed to happen, but they happen anyway. Luckily, there is nothing that you, the Hero, can't fix. Solve the glitches in your life by re-establishing your footing and focusing on solving the problems at hand. Feel the muscles in your body. Sink into your strength. Nothing can beat you, you hear? Because you are frigging badass!!!

Keep calm and carry on! 

Experiencing delays? Giving in to procrastination? 

Are you being forced to slow down when you're just gaining momentum? Something's killing your juju's and your vibes? Are you self-sabotaging yourself by putting off the work that needs to be done? Are you procrastinating? Are you finding excuses for yourself and delaying your progress?

Whatever the reason, let's not let this epic lag drag us down! Be patience and keep a clear head. It's not about forcing your way out--it is about applied force as well as conscious patience. Sometimes all we can do is wait. Sometimes we have to de-couch-potato ourselves and get our butts moving. Whatever it is, let nothing deter you and your progress!

Whatever you do, don't stop and don't give up!

Haters gonna hate! 

Are people aggravating you? Criticizing you and sabotaging your success, blocking you from your confidence and your dreams? Are there trolls, tricky and difficult forces that stand in your way that you must deal with?

Troll Alert Tarot Spread.png

Block and delete those trolls!  Don't let them to you. If you feel something--if you're angry or upset, know that this is a validation that you are working towards something you care about. Of course you care about how you are perceived and received. But let no one shake your confidence and topple your dreams. You don't have to put up with this. Let yourself be upset once, and then never again by the same trigger!

Believe in yourself and your process! Commit to your dreams and to your life! 

Life is a neverending journey of growth!

Feeling like your skills aren't enough? Feeling inexperienced? How can you get to where you want to be? How can you become the person that you want to become? How bad do you want it?

Level Up Tarot Spread.png

There's nothing you can do but LEVEL UP! Well, what is there to do? I guess the only thing you can do is to get better at what you are doing, acquire the skills you need and become the best thing there is! Become a bigger and better Hero by sharpening your weapons and expanding your skills and talents. Just imagine: your growth is limitless! You can literally grow and level up for the rest of your life!

Have faith in your own potential and be prepared to work hard for it!

Achieving success is simple, but never easy!

Are you ready? This is what you've been working hard for! What is your biggest challenge? What is that one thing outside of your comfort zone that you know you need to do in order to succeed? What are you afraid of?

Boss Fight Tarot Spread.png

Boss Fights aren't something horrible that threatens your dreams, your existence or your sense of self.  They are a testament to the strength you have cultivated! All the EXP's (experience points) you have collected for your Hero, all the new skills and talents you have acquired, and all the new items and gadgets that you now have in your arsenal--now is the time to unleash them! Face your Boss Fights and rise to the next level in life--or get stuck in that same stage, forever!

Push through your challenges with courage to unlock new chapters in life! 

Recognize your own efforts and the steps you have taken to succeed! 

Did you fight your Boss Fights? Did you win? Did you do great? Are you happy about your progress? Do you realize how far you have come and how much you have grown? Do you realize just how awesome you have become?

Stage Cleared Tarot Spread.png

Celebrating your high scores as you clear the stage! Don't ever stop to give up, to give in or to admit you have lost--but do take the time to recognize your own success and your own hard work! What are the qualities and accomplishments that you have amassed? How have you gotten closer to your dreams, or how have your dreams expanded and grown bigger than your wildest imaginations? What are the "secrets"t o your success? And what did you gain from it?

Embody your success and appreciate all that you have created, and keep going!

Are you ready for the next stage? 

Are you finished with your project? Your cycle of goals and tactics? Are you ready for the next stage? Are you ready to move forward and achieve even more success?

New Stage Unlocked Tarot Spread.png

Unlock the next new stage and push on! Now a bigger and better Hero, you know how to kickass in the game of life! You are ready to take on anything. You are ready for any challenges that come your way. Nothing can stop your momentum, because you are a juggernaut on your way to eternal victory!!!

Keep playing the game. Keep winning! 

You're awesome!

Thank you for reading this post from start to finish. I hope you make the best use out of these spreads and I hope that they will add a little fun for you when you are out there conquering life!

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