The Prologue Spread: kickstart your creative project with this powerful tarot spread and SOAR!!!

06- the prologue spread.png

For tarot readers, writers and other creative venturers–this spread doesn’t discriminate. With a focus on creating a powerful beginning and troubleshooting difficulties that will hinder your potential, this spread is designed to give you a powerful boost of momentum as you embark on creative adventures. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, after all! Use this spread for anything. Anything. A comic book, a canvas painting, a visual design gig, a business project, a soul searching retreat, a hardcore shadow-work week, a personal development program, an intense fitness regimen–anything that gets your creative engines fired up and demands both passion and dedication.

This spread comes in two editions: The Creative’s Edition and The Writer’s Edition. The Creative’s Edition, as the title suggests, can be applied to any creative ventures or projects that you may be working on. On the other hand, The Writer’s Edition is specifically tailored to writing or story crafting, and each spread position uses a storytelling or literary motif.


The Prologue Spread Creative's Edition.jpg
The Prologue Spread Writer's Edition.jpg

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