The Magician's Way: Choose, Create & Innovate

02-magician's way.png

The Magician is definitely one of the power-archetypes to connect with when it comes to the productivity.I mean, just look at him: the master of four elements and all!

Without a doubt, his ability to locate the resources and energies he needs, his adaptability and flexibility, and his infinitely creative genius--he is perhaps one of the most competent problem solvers in the major arcana. Magical, right?

The Magician is all about creativity and innovation, and this powerful Shaper of Destiny should be your go-to archetype when you need to make conscious changes in your life.

Often, what is lowering our productivity is our unexamined routines. Routines are programmed into our daily lives to provide structure and they help us get things done on a regular basis. Examining our routines can be incredibly insightful because not only do they reveal what our priorities are and where we think our priorities are, it also reveals where our priorities aren't, or where we think our priorities aren't. In short, they can tell us how we have chosen, consciously or unconsciously, to organize our lives.


The routines we place in our lives should be things that are meaningful and beneficial to us.

When we are unaware of the choices that we have made (or failed to make, which is a choice in and of itself), when we are disconnected from our power to make choices that may transform our lives--we passively fall into our routines rather than actively choosing them. And when we're not aware of the regular activities that we passively or actively commit ourselves to, we're just like zombies, aren't we? Brainless, lifeless lumps of meat sashaying through life looking for the next cup of coffee.

This is why awareness is so important. If you have no idea why you have certain routines, or you're not even sure if you have routines--then the first thing you need to do before you knock on The Magician's door for his aid is to get to know yourself and your routines. The Magician is, literally, number one in tarot's major arcana. In numerology, the number 1 represents identity and singularity. The Magician is powerful because he is sure of himself. His magic comes from his powerful sense of identity, which generates more power and further solidifies who he is. You must be inspired to do the same if you want to meet him at his level and if you wish to lead a more productive lifestyle.


So time to wake up and get conscious! Consider the following questions (think aloud, journal, or use them as spread positions in a tarot reading):

  1. What are your regular routines? Why do you have these routines?

  2. If you're not really sure if you have anything that you will call "routine", what are some of the things you do repeatedly and on a regular basis? For example, you may not consider sleeping at 2:30-3:00AM everyday to be a "routine", but it is something that you do regularly. It is, by definition, a routine, even though an unhealthy one.

  3. What are some of the feelings that arise when you hear the word "routine"? Are they positive or negative? Why?

After you cultivate your awareness towards your routines and productive patterns, it's time to assemble the "four elements", or your resources. An important point to make here is that you should never feel like you "need to have the four elements ready" before you can truly begin any productive work. That is your procrastination talking, so beat it down with a frying pan (or Benebell Wen's Holistic Tarot. It's thick enough to cause severe internal bleeding).


A true Magician can conjure the four elements anytime, anywhere because he recognizes that these four elements are always available to him and perfectly within reach.

You don't need to wait until you've signed up for yoga classes or purchased a new planner for your productive ventures. You just need to be creative with locating resources that you currently have, transforming the resources that you currently have, and utilizing the resources that you currently have. From there, you can continue to build and upgrade your productive gears and routines.

Remember, the magic exists within The Magician, not outside of him. He is an archetype that emphasizes the potency of one's inherent power--but only if one is conscious of it. The most important lesson of The Magician when it comes to productivity is you need to recognize that you have the power to create and lead a productive lifestyle. The magic comes from you and it can only work if it comes from you. The first step towards productivity is your own recognition of your own power and that you are perfectly capable of becoming productive. You need to have and own the confidence that you can do this. Really, you can. There may be things you still have to figure out and habits you still have to build--it doesn't matter. What matters is that you are capable of becoming productive. You got this. You're so ready. You are BORN ready.