Get Ready for Nano Wrimo!

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With November lurking around the corner , it's important to do everything you can to get yourself into the zone for the intense creation process ahead!

Below, you will find a picture of the spread positions for the tarot reading, followed by detailed explanations and instructions about how you can best use these questions to prepare yourself for National Writing Month.

If you don't feel like doing a tarot reading, feel free to use these as journal prompts as well!. (And if your issue is being deckless--get a deck already. Just kidding--if you don't own a physical deck or owning a physical deck may not be the most convenient thing for you, check out this blog post about how to use a tarot app on your phone to conduct a reading.)


1. How do you feel about your writing project right now?

Pumped? Anxious? Full of expectations? Inspired? Casual? Whatever it is you are feeling right now, it is good to get clear on where you are emotionally. If your projected future is a bright and glorious one and you can see yourself crafting a unique and powerful story and producing amazing content, good for you! Find out where your "good place" is in your head and strive to keep up with this energy throughout the month. Use this positive vibe and framework to attract more positivity and joy into your writing process. If you are facing your potential idea or imminent project with dread, stress or procrsatinatory sentiments, then it is probably beneficial to ask yourself why. Do you feel ready? Do you feel like it's too much to take on? Time to untangle those feelings and perhaps look into adjusting your attitude + setting realistic goals and expectations for yourself and your project.

2. What will empower your writing process and empower you as a writer in the upcoming month?

Everyone is different: everyone has a different way of being productive, and everyone has a way of keeping up pace. If you've never really thought about what makes you tick as a writer and "worker", then you need to get in there, dig deep and uncover your writing superpowers! What is something that gives you strength, discipline, and creative drive? This is your ultimate power card that outlines your best attributes as a storyteller and writer/worker. In addition, this could also point to a hidden or untapped power that you need to consciously cultivate specifically for this month and perhaps for the long-run. Either way, you can take the messages from this card and come up with the best strategy regarding how you can best stay grounded in the upcoming month.

3. How might you sabotage yourself and your own creative process?

Let's face it--there is both light and dark in our being and oftentimes, our shadow voice will overpower the part of ourselves that are really trying to strive and love our creative work. Once you have addressed your positive traits as a writer and worker, it's also important to look at your own tendencies to sabotage your own work and writing process. Is it the inner critic? Your inability to prioritize? Or maybe you can't say no when you are faced with demands from the people around you? When you are looking into this card position, it is important to know that it is perfectly okay to have insecurities and negative sentiments as a writer. Writers are humans, too. Writers have good days, and writers have bad days. During your bad days, don't forget to show you some self-compassion and love. Empower yourself. Acknowledge the situation. Focus on solving the problem and becoming better. One step at a time.

4. What is a potential challenge that you might need to overcome in the upcoming month?

Now that we have looked within ourselves (therefore taking responsibility for our own being and our own creative process), let's take a look at what are some of the external or environmental factors that might hinder you and your work. This card will address your writing process as a whole and outline the overarching "challenge" that may come to define your Nano Wrimo experience this year. Keep in mind that what shows up in this position doesn't necessarily have to reflect on something negative--it could be that you have other priorities in life and you may have to create a better plan for managing your time and your resources. This is a good time to refer back to your power card. Consider how you can tap into your super writer power to address the issues that may arise and affect you in the upcoming month.

5. What is the best way to tap into your creative potential and remain inspired?

A must-ask question when preparing for any creative endeavours! How can you best tap into your creativity and utilize your creative resources? More importantly, how do you remain inspired and pumped, eternally touched and blessed by the Muses? Having that said, I personally believe our creativity has a cycle--kind of like the four seasons. There is a period where your creativity is abundant, and as it gradually depletes through expressing itself, it will retreat so it can recharge for the next creative round. You may not agree with me, but I think most of us creatives know that it's impossible to stay "inspired" all the time--so this spread position will provide you with some insight towards how you can navigate through your writing month, get into the creative zone, stay in the creative zone, and work with your creativity to the best of your ability.

6. What are you writing for?

Well, what are you writing for? Why did you decide to start this whole shebang in the first place? In other words, what is your purpose of participating in National Writing Month? Is it to simply have fun and have a go? Is it to have a consistent creative practice? Is it to make friends? It's good to remind yourself what are you writing for so you don't lose track of the happiness and fulfillment that comes from expressing yourself creatively. That's the best part about writing and creating. You are writing to express yourself, to share your ideas and voice with the world, to give the world something it's never seen before. There is magic in that. You have to believe in your own process and appreciate what it is bringing you and what it is allowing you to do. Never allow stupid things like the inner critic, perfectionist, or stupid insensitive people to get in the way. Your words are worthy to be written, even if it's meant to be private, even if it's only meant for yourself.