Tarot Worksheet #7 - Suit of Cups

13-tarot worksheet #7.png

An exploration of tarot’s Suit of Cups through creative storytelling. Learn about the definitions of each card + how the elemental associations intersect with the numerological associations in this video!


Worksheet #7 is designed for you to explore and deepen your understanding about the Suit of Cups. The worksheet includes 4 sections:

  • Would You Like a Cup of Water: a mindmapping activity to help you establish the connection between the cup and water as symbols

  • Lacking Clever Water Pun: seriously, I didn't have a good water pun or reference for this section, but it's basically an exercise that will help you unpack the symbolic dimensions of natural  + other occurrences of water

  • Chemistry-Mixing It Up: let’s do some fun tarot math and explore how the elemental + numerological meanings intersect and amalgamate!

  • Time for a Swim in Your Soul: questions and journal prompts for further exploration!

Happy worksheeting! :)

More Resources

If you are interested in reading more about viewing tarot cards through the lens of storytelling as well as cultivating an intuitive tarot practice, check out my e-book: Tarot Beginnings: An Introduction to the Story and Study of Tarot.