Tarot Worksheet #2 - The Archeyptal Explorer

08-tarot worksheet #2.png

This worksheet is designed specifically for the exploration of the major arcana archetypes.


How to use the worksheet's different sections:

  • LESSONS: What are the lessons you can learn from this archetype?  What wisdom does it offer? How does it inspire you to move forward in a positive way?

  • KEY WORDS: Write down the key words (nouns, verbs and adjectives) that encapsulate this archetype. For nouns, what are some of the concepts that this archetype embodies? For verbs, how does this archetype interact with your life? Does it nurture you, motivate you, or break you apart so you can grow? For adjectives--if you were to describe a moment in life or a character trait associated with this archetype, what words would you use?

  • LIFE MOMENTS: What are the moments in life that this archetype can come to represent? For example, what would be considered a Tower moment? A Star moment? A Magician moment? These could be events, actions or any kind of happenings you can think of. E.g. A break-up, a promotion, marriage, a road test, etc.

  • TEACHING STYLE: This is probably my favouirte category. :) If this archetype is a teacher, a life coach, a lightworker in real life--what kind of teaching style would it have? For example, The Empress would be more motherly and nurturing in its approach, while Death may be more ritualistic and likes to have its students participate in symbolic rites. Use your imagination and intuitive understand for this one!

As per usual, a sample page is attached to the worksheet. Feel free to look at it for ideas!


More Resources

If you are interested in reading more about viewing tarot cards through the lens of storytelling as well as cultivating an intuitive tarot practice, check out my e-book: Tarot Beginnings: An Introduction to the Story and Study of Tarot.