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Am I your cup of tea?

Find out who I am as a tarot reader +
what my readings are like!

I’m optimistic and full of positive energy.

I love to focus on why you’re awesome, the strengths and powers that you have, and the choices that you can make to learn from your experiences and turn shitty situations around. I believe in focusing on the things that we can do to change our circumstances and I see challenges as “stages we beat” and “bosses we kill” so we can level up in the quest of life. My readings reflect my love for adventure + cheerleader and sunflower nature and I will appreciate and cheer the shit out of you. Yes, life seriously sucks sometimes but that shouldn’t stop you from being the hero that you are.

I love fun, imagination and storytelling, and I’m also a bit of a LITERATURE nerd.

My readings are often infused with imagery + figurative language + thematic and storytelling elements. Sometimes my creativity gets a bit out of hand (like seriously - if I don’t reign it in my shop will be stocked with like…10000+ reading options and my clients will die from eternal scrolling). But yeah, I love to “invite” iconic characters and “transport” plot details from popular fiction or geek culture into my readings. Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Peter Pan…you name it. It’s not Fables Den without a touch of fairytalesque whimsy and, depending on the subject matter and which tarot reading you get, you are very likely to encounter snippets of insightful quirk from yours truly.

I can be very in tune with your emotional narratives and the way you understand the world.

I am interested in exploring why you feel or think a certain way and how it is impacting your experiences right now, and my intuition inevitably picks up on those things. When you figure out where your feelings and thoughts are coming from, it gives you the power to change it. When you know what’s holding you back and where your energy is being gravitated towards, you can use that awareness to make decisions that are better aligned with what you want to create in life. And of course, other than the emotional and psychological black hole that you may be disappearing into - I can also help you get in touch with your latent superpowers. Everyone of us has at least a few, so if you think that you’re a bag of faults, you’re WRONG!! Because we’re going to locate your superpowers and you’re gonna see what a glorious champion you are. ;)

Which is why I’m all for shadow working, inner child working and all kinds of inner explorations and “spiritual vomiting”.

I believe it’s super important to release and make peace with any psychological and emotional patterns that are holding you back in a vicious cycle. Anything that is disempowering you and stopping you from being the best that you can be has absolutely no place in your life. The experiences we’ve had, especially the things that we went through as children, usually play a powerful role in shaping the way we think and the way we understand the world. That is why we must examine the “narratives” that were passed down to us and be super picky about what kind of stories we want to keep in our heads and what kind of stories that we want to tell ourselves as we venture forward to create the rest of our timeline. You deserve to feel light and carefree about yourself and your life always, so let’s puke out all that junk you’ve been carrying and make some space for lucky and destiny.

Your destiny is to follow your dreams and passions + pursue your true calling!

There is nothing more uplifting for me than encouraging others to follow their heart and step into their authentic being. As Drake says - YOLO - you only live once. If you’re not living a life that you want to live and a life that you’re proud to call yours, then whose life are you living, exactly!?

creative and authentic expression makes life worthwhile!

I believe in always staying inspired and expressive in all wakes of life. Tarot, a system of divination that is rich in archetypes - is perfect for activating our muses and inviting inspiration into our lives and our creative process. Not to mention that it is an incredible resource for a storyteller and a creative. Having writer’s block? Let’s troubleshoot with tarot. Need to develop your character and figure out his backstory and his relationship with the heroine? Allow tarot to help you unlock organic ideas. Not only does tarot help us create the physical world that we want - it can also help us create fictional worlds that are true expressions of our imagination and identity.

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 My Services and Policies

What I do & do not offer
+ some technical stuff


I do not offer readings about a third party. My readings are person-centred and I would much like to focus on you, your perspectives, your attitudes, and the choices that you can make to shape your future and the continuous unfolding of your narrative. 

I am not a psychic. I do not offer readings that are predictive in nature. The future is always in flux and changes with the choices that you make. However, I do take into account of possible energies that are coming in and possible roles you may need to play for what you want to achieve!

I am not a medium. I won't be able to contact somebody who is deceased. As much as I would like to channel encouraging messages from people who have crossed over, my antennas for that kind of frequency is way to short for any serious medium work. Those cute stubby things really don't pick up much from the Other Side!

I do not offer readings about legal, financial, or medical issues as I do not have any expertise in those areas. Please consult a professional for any issues related to those topics. I can only give you um's and ah's, so let's not go there!

All information you offer and share will remain strictly confidential. That goes without saying.


Please offer me some notes and focus areas regarding to what you wish to explore and/or accomplish in a reading. You really get more out of a tarot reading the question is focused. Give me the "setting" of your story, and I'll get a read on what your "character" is up to!

Unless otherwise specified on the listing, all readings will be completed and delivered within 7 days. Usually, you'll get it in 5, but you know, just in case I suddenly become stranded on an island with no Wifi or something. Or my cat sabotages my keyboard with his lethally adorable paws.

Readings are non-refundable unless I am personally unable to fulfill your request. If that is the case, I will offer you a full refund. If you do change your mind after purchasing the reading, please e-mail me as soon as you can before the reading is scheduled to happen. I will offer you a full refund if the reading has not been scheduled in. But once the reading is scheduled + completed, I’m afraid I won’t be able to offer you a refund.

I reserve the right to refuse any questions that do not align with my approaches and attitudes towards tarot. You will, of course, be given a full refund of your purchase should this be the case. Having that said, I will do my best to work with you to rephrase, reframe or refocus your question into something that will benefit and empower you!

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