Wonderland Reading

wonderland reading

Lured by the White Rabbit, Alice goes down, down, down the rabbit hole and embarks on a fantastical and whimsical journey through Wonderland. As she traverses this strange and fascinating place, she encounters many quirky personalities…some talk sense into her, and some make no sense at all.

Designed for questions of all kinds, Wonderland Reading emphasizes the power of choice and focuses on how you can actively problem-solve, make the best out of any situation and be the best version of yourself. Not to mention that you will be getting sassy and “cantankerous” advice (in character!) from the Cheshire and Ceterpillar themselves!


a 1000-word PDF
a photograph of your tarot spread
worksheet for reflection
one journal prompt / exercise

1. Down the Rabbit Hole – What draws you to journey to the depths of Wonderland?
2. Lost in Wonderland -What is a challenge or problem that you need to solve?
3. Drink Me Bottle – What are the necessary changes you have to undergo yourself in order to move past your current block?
4. Cheshire Cat – Receive advice from the mischievous and sassy Cheshire Cat for short-term action plans! It is his feline nature to bypass nonsense and get straight to the point, so be warned!
5. The Caterpillar – How can you be the best version of yourself in this situation? Which side of the mushroom will you bite? The side that makes you bigger, or the side that makes you smaller? The choice is yours.
6. Alice’s Awakening – What have you learned from the inhabitants of Wonderland? How has this journey in Wonderland transformed you?


This reading will place you in the story world and the insights will be delivered with you at the centre of the narrative, journeying through Wonderland. Card position #4 and #5 will be channeled and written “in character”, through the voice of Cheshire Cat (sassy and fearless) and Caterpillar (cantankerous, snobby and matter of fact).

Please note that the themed elements are most prominent via the email option.Video readings may have some story elements, but let’s just say that I won’t be able to do a Cheshire Cat impression during the reading!


☆ You’re a big an of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and you love the idea of connecting with the Wonderland characters as archetypes
☆ You’re looking for a fantastical and “WONDERful” framework to “descend” into your current experience and explore the energies and challenges that occupy your story right now
☆ You’re looking for a fun and practical reading to help you face your challenges head-on and explore ways of trouble-shooting and problem solving
☆ You want to approach your experience in a way that is empowering + taps into your unique qualities and strengths as an individual + based on growth
☆ You love cats and you can’t get over the idea of getting “advice” from a purple-striped cat that grins from ear to ear
☆ You think that a caterpillar with a hookah seems like the perfect conduit for wisdom. Need there be another reason?


After purchasing a tarot reading through PayPal, please be sure to send a message to fablesden@gmail.com with the following information:

1. Information on the reading you purchased
2. The name & e-mail associated with your PayPal account
3. A paragraph or two on what you would like the reading to address and explore

You can also do so by using the contact form here!

What are my readings like? Read more about my approaches and ethics here!

Wonderland Tarot Reading: EMAIL OPTION

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Wonderland Tarot Reading: VIDEO OPTION

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