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You’re a writer, a storyteller, a painter, a jewelry maker, a teacher, a student, a mother, a father – you are “you” seeking to be known, through creation, expression and engagement. You are a Wild Creative. Inspiration, art, and the heavenly muses move through you as you give the gift of your art.

What is your message – your creative essence? What inspires you? What breathes life into you? How are you channeling your heart and soul into the life that you are living? In this reading, we’ll explore who you are as a wild creative, and how you can deepen into your creative self so that you can bring forth more of “you” into the world, in the most wondrous of ways.


a 1000-word PDF or a 25 min video file
a photograph of your tarot spread
worksheet for reflection
one journal prompt / exercise

1. The Wild Creative – Who are you? What is your creative essence?
2. You in the Eyes of the World – How do you like to express yourself?
3. Your Muse – What inspires you? What moves you? What breathes life into you?
4. Your Blocks – What blocks you? What “constipates” your creative flow?
5. Your Creative Flame – How can you continue to realize your creative potential?
6. Your Gift to the World – What is your creative message? What do you seek to express through your art and your creative practice?


☆ You’re feeling a bit lost about who you are and what you’re meant to do as a creative person
☆ You feel conflicted about what is calling out to you versus what you’re used to
☆ You are embarking on a new creative venture and you would like to tap into your full creative potential
☆ You consider yourself a creative / artistic person you are wondering what your creative purpose is and what you are meant to express in your creations
☆ You would like to connect with your authentic truths and express creativity from a heart-centred place

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