The Four Elemental Kingdoms: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth

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The Four Elemental Kingdoms: Fire, Air, Water and Earth

The four groups of people in the Tarot Realm each has their own ideologies, priorities, attitudes and temperaments based on their elemental affiliation.

Ruled by the element of Fire, the Fire Kingdom people (Suit of Wands) are creative, passionate, and driven by their desires. One of the most important things for them in life is freedom–the freedom to do whatever they want and whenever they want. They are defined by their unapologetic attitude, their confidence, their restless and robust energy as well as their passion for life.

Ruled by the element of Air, the Air Kingdom people (Suit of Swords) are rational, academic, and clear-cut in their logic. They are a group of mental powerhouses that value ideas, communication and order. Once they are settled into their perspectives and worldviews, they will not hesitate to defend the things that they consider to be the rightful truths of the world. Because of this, they tend to be very meticulous and highly detail-oriented, and they are very assertive when it comes to their own opinions.

Ruled by the element of Water, the Water Kingdom people (Suit of Cups) are social, sensitive, and deeply intuitive. They are empathetic, considerate and naturally grateful, and they value the relationships and bonds that they forms with others. The Water people are motivated by the things that make them feel; they value the experience and connection that they can make when they undergo events in life. You can say that they are not particularly goal-oriented, nor are they motivated by a “righteous cause”. All they want is to be happy in life.

Ruled by the element of Earth, the Earth Kingdom people (suit of Earth) are practical, dedicated, productive, and extremely goal-oriented. They care about sustainability and securing their position in the world. This is why they value community, tradition, health, economy and reputation so much: these are the things that they consider to be the :”true” currencies in life–currencies that they can physically makes use of. The Earth People will do whatever it takes to create lasting resources and legacies for themselves. Slow and steady wins the race.

Note: My perspective and understanding have slightly shifted since the video was published.Β In the video, I described the Four Kingdoms as “clans”, which is basically the same idea but I decided to switch from “clans” to “kingdoms” because…well, it sounds cooler and truer to the arhceyptal scopes of tarot elements. πŸ™‚ Also, I described the Wands as highly idealistic, a personality trait that I eventually attributed to the Swords after having an epiphany with the Wands.


Free Worksheet: “Working with the Four Elements in Minor Arcana” Β 



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