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Study the Major Arcana with The Fool’s Journey 

The Fool’s Journey is a metaphorical narrative of life with each Major Arcana representing an experience, an energy, or a transition that a person goes through in order to reach self-actualization and completion. If you’re a big fan of Joseph Campbell or have heard of his Hero’s Journey, then you’ll probably have an idea of how this narrative reflects the rise and fall of the main character–in which the hero receives a new purpose or power, learns about the rules and laws of society, and ventures into the unknown on a quest to right a wrong or bring balance to the world. Similarly, the Fool embarks on a journey of expansion and growth, venturing into the unknown–outside of her comfort zone–to learn about who she is as a person, who she is capable of becoming, and what her ultimate destiny is in life. He learns more about himself and is confronted by obstacles that challenge him to grow…and as he sets out to bring balance to the world, he brings balance to himself as well.

During the Fool’s Journey, he encounters the Gods of the Tarot Realm, each with a unique lesson, challenge, and task to test his courage and to help him cultivate his Spirit. Starting with The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress…and all the way to the last card of the Major Arcana, The World, the Fool journeys to find his truths and the essence of his being, and to create the life that he wants to live.

For an overview of the 22 Major Arcana Archetypes, please check out my Youtube video: A Tarot Story Episode 01-The Fool’s Journey.


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