Personality Compass Reading

Personality Compass Reading

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Sorry, couldn't resist the Caterpiller reference (from Alice in Wonderland)

If you find yourself being a "personality Nazi" to yourself and always trying to "manage your stats" - like wishing you could be more of this, less of that, just a bit more of THAT, and less of THOSE....

There's a better way to "upgrade", trust me. Seroiusly, you don't need to go through the self-berating process of computing personalty math: keep this strength (+), cure this weakness (-). You're not a robot!!! So stop trying to balance yourself on an equation to feel better about yourself, because that is a lost cause and the surest way to insecurity and unhappiness. 

In the epic game and adventure of life, you are given the character that you start with, and the best way to WIN isn't forcing your character to be in someone else's lane. The best way to win is to understand your character, learn how to navigate your character to the best of your ability, and level up accordingly! 

YESS! You can "become better" at being who you are!! You can find smart and compassionate ways to navigate your personality, to find productive and constructive strategies to support and work with yourself without weighing yourself down with perfectionism. 

By doing this, you'll create a compass to your personality. So even if you feel lost, you'll know how to find your way and get back on your feet. 

Let's take a look at your character status, shall we???? 


a 1200-word PDF
a photograph of your tarot spread
worksheet for reflection

8 cards will be drawn for this reading: 

1. Your Core Personality Trait #1
2. Your Core Personality Trait #2
3. Your Core Personality Trait #3

These three cards will be read together to provide a picture of your personality, your core values, your worldview--who you are as a person at this.

4. How can your personality traits become negative charged/manifest negatively? What triggers your personality traits in a negative way?
5. How can your personality traits become positively charged/manifest positively?
6. What are some strategies for navigating your personality?
7. What are some of your shadow/personalty triggers to be mindful of--and to work on/resolve and heal from?
8. How can you continue to grow and level up?

★ You constantly feel like you're not enough of something or you're too much of something - you're never the "right" version of yourself
★ You struggle with rigid expectations placed upon you by others around you, by society and culture, or by your own standards and perfectionism
★ You battle with self-consciousness and insecurity and feel ungrounded when it comes to who you are as a person
★ You feel like you hate yourself and you want to practice self-love and self-acceptance
★ You are looking to connect with your inner compass and learn how to navigate your personality traits
★ You want to learn about how your personality traits can manifest positively and negatively and how you can best navigate them