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It is my belief that when people see themselves in a new light, in a more understanding and empowering light, their destinies change. My vision as a tarot reader is to help people feel like they are the hero of their own story, actively participating, choosing, and shaping their own narrative and not a side character reacting passively to someone else’s story. 

If you’re feeling like anything less than the main character of your own life, or you don’t even know what your story is or where it’s gonna go, then you’re at the right place. I can help you find your voice, reclaim your agency, answer your calling and live the story that is yours!!

Let’s embark on this journey together! ❤

Readings are delivered via e-mail within 5-7 days. Please read my ★☆Services and Policies☆★ page for more information on my approach, perspectives, and ethics.


Personality Compass ReadingPersonality Compass Reading l 8-Card

1500 Words

You wish you’re more of this….or less of that. You beat yourself for not being the person you are trying to be, or the person that you know you are. The Personality Compass is a gentler way of approaching self-development: become better at being yourself by tuning into your personality compass and find better and more self-loving ways to navigate your core personality traits! Let’s ditch the rigid and mechanical “personality math” and stop trying to balance yourself on a limiting equation…and discover who you are + find strategies that help you move past negative personality triggers!

Activate Your Personality Compass and Find Your Way. Book Reading

True Calling ReadingTrue Calling Reading l 6-Card 

1000 -1200 Words

The Universe is calling out to you…saying that it’s time for your to come forth, to step into your authentic being and become who you are truly meant to be!
With this reading, let’s eliminate all the obstacles that are blocking you from taking action and answering your true calling, and we’ll work through the fears and doubts that are holding you back from being the best that you can be and living the life you want to live!

Answer Your True Calling.   Book Reading


Meraiki ReadingMeraki Reading l 3-Card 

500 Words Minimum

“May-rah-kee”, to do something with soul, creativity, or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work.

Have you been wondering about what breathes life into you, and what’s something that ignites your soul and gets your heart fired up? Something that allows you to be in service of the world, to transform and inspire the lives of others? If you have, or you’re just in need of a bit of confirmation, then this reading is perfect for you. Concise yet profound, the Meraki Reading will help you find your meraki, how it will transform your life, and how it will impact the world around you.

Find your meraki.   Book Reading


Gah this tarot card won't stop stalking meStalker Card Reading l 3-Card 

500 Words Minimum.

Got a stalker card, a card that keeps appearing in your personal readings, and you want to know why? You would like to question its stalkerish tendencies, make visible its motives, and just figure out what on earth is it trying to tell you and why is it so obsessed with making itself known!?

We’ll catch your stalker card by its little feet and have a proper conversation with this mini reading!

End This Stalking Nonesense! Book Reading


Breaking Bad Habits Tarot Reading DoodledBreaking Bad Habits Reading l 4-Card

500 -750 Words

Too little sleep. Too much sugar and caffeine. Procrastination. Your inner critic won’t shut up and continues to chip away at your confidence. Your thumb stuck in infinite-zombie scrolling mode on the phone screen. Ah, the incurable, little big things in life and incessant first world problems. Let’s not let our bad habits run amok, shall we?

This simple yet practical “breaking bad habits” spread will help you check in with the unhealthy patterns in your life + help you break through them like a bad-ass. Time for a change!!

Break the Bad Habits.   Book Reading


wonderland reading

Wonderland Reading l 6-Card

1000 -1200 Words

Designed for questions of all kinds, Wonderland Reading emphasizes the power of choice and focuses on how you can actively problem-solve, make the best out of any situation and be the best version of yourself. Not to mention that you will be getting sassy and cantankerous advice (in character!) from the Cheshire and Ceterpillar themselves!

Down the rabbit hole.   Book Reading


mad tea party

Mad Tea Party Reading l 6-Card

1000 -1200 Words

Most of the time, you know better, you know you can do better, and you know you deserve better. But you keep passively agreeing to a selfish person’s demands anyway, unable to say no. You keep criticizing yourselves harshly, blaming yourself for not being good enough, firm enough, strong enough. You continue to put up with the madness that’s been handed to you on a silver tray, and you hate yourself for not speaking up.

Break the chain of passivity.   Book Reading

road through faeryRoad Through Faery Reading l 6-Card

1000 -1200 Words

You’ve got a date with your inner demons. A ghost or two, perhaps. You know they’re holding you back–whatever monster or dark forces lurking in your ego-conscious. You know this because you’re constantly triggered: jealousy, bitterness, sorrow, and anger. You know these things aren’t you, and you’re tired of being sucked into that whirlpool of low vibration.

So you’re willing to make this journey through the Faery road.

Face your inner shadows.  Book Reading

guiding starGuiding Star Reading l 5-Card

800 -1000 Words

Life is overwhelming; you’re drowning in its buzz. You’ve been dehydrated, exhausted, or over or under caffeinated and you’re slaving away for the day to end. You just need some space. Need a breather from this clusterfudge–need a bit of time for yourself, to look to your Guiding Star.

This reading is a gentle but firm reminder if you are looking to prioritize your well-being so you’ll feel rejuvenated and remain steadfast in your journeys ahead!

Take care of yourself and rejuvenate.   Book Reading

Shield of SekhmetShield of Sekhmet Reading l 3-Card

500 Words Minimum

When you’re doubting yourself. When you feel like you aren’t good enough. When you feel like what you have accomplished so far in life no longer has meaning. When you’re questioning your self-worth and if the qualities that you have in your personality ever amounted to anything.

When you need an extra power boost and affirmation to connect with your inherent superpowers..to recognize the strength you have always had, to steer away from things that drain your power, and to cherish the best parts of yourself.

Activate Inner Power!   Book Reading


themed custom tarot reading full lengthThemed Custom Reading l 6-Card 

1000 -1200 Words

If none of the themed reading templates appeal to you, we can work together to create a themed reading that is fun, story-rich and in depth to suit your question and your needs.

Themed readings will often contain multiple storytelling elements (e.g. dialogue, voice, and figurative language etc).

Get a Personalized Themed Reading!   Book Reading

custom full length tarot readingCustom Reading l 6 Card

1000 -1200 Words

If none of the themed templates appeal your tarot urges, we can work together and customize a tarot spread that is tailored to your specific question and needs. This reading is also perfect for you if you are looking for a straight forward reading with no themed elements.

Tailored to Suit Your Needs!   Book Reading