Tarot Beginnings

An Introduction to the Study & Story of Tarot

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Tarot Beginnings: An Introductory Guide to the Story and Study of Tarot

…a 116-paged e-book that explores the world of tarot through the lens of storytelling. ♥

Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned professional or somewhere in between, this book will help you:

⭐ enrich your tarot study with story + character based frameworks

⭐ unpack the symbolic layers of tarot + create meaning with fun & effective studying strategies

⭐ energize your tarot practice with fun activities and exercises

⭐ develop your intuition through creativity, imagination and storytelling


Table of Contents

The Prologue
Once upon a Tarot: What is tarot? An introduction
Choosing a Tarot Deck
Working with a New Deck
Getting Ready for the Grand Adventure

The World of Tarot
An Anatomy of the World of Tarot and Its Inhabitants
The Major Arcana: a "major" study session
The Minor Arcana: Part 1 (Ace-10)
The Minor Arcana: Part 2 (Court Cards)

The Tarot Process
Reading Reversals
Working with Tarot Spreads

A Quick Reference: Major Arcana
A Quick Reference: Minor Arcana
A Quick Reference: Court Cards
6 Original Tarot Spreads by Fables Den


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★ On the nature of tarot ★
"If you strip tarot down to its core, it is always, always, always something that is meant for problem solving, empowerment, personal growth and healing. In whatever shape or form or practice that it comes with, whether it offers you a peek into your future or your own emotional waters, it should always align with the intention of service, and it should always bring the focus back to you, the seeker, and the power of your choices."

★ On the system of tarot ★
"A cool way to understand the tarot system is to imagine it as a fantastical realm populated by gods, royalties, and the common people. The Major Arcana are the archetypal deities and forces that govern the realm. They are godly personalities or consciousness that are the energies, wisdom and identities of the collective unconsciousness and are able to embody, connect, and impart wisdom on a godly level."

★ On court cards ★
"Each suit represents a kingdom. A good way to approach this is to think of each kingdom as a separate nationality or culture, and each culture has a different set of values and priorities. For example, the Fire Kingdom (Wands) as a culture will value courage, conquest and adventure more than they value logic, rationality and order. On the other hand, the Air Kingdom (Swords) will prioritize those things before anything else. The Water Kingdom (Cups) will gravitate towards relationships, social harmony and spiritual pursuits, while the Earth
Kingdom (Pentacles) will focus on community, business, and social validation."

★ On reversals ★
"Reversals provide physical indication (as it is physically reversed) of an archetype that isn’t fully realized or has fallen to its shadow side. It also offers you a different perspective or angle when engaging with the artwork, as the pictorial symbols may interact differently or have a different impression when you look at them upside down. The downside of this is that it can be visually challenging to look at a card upside down, and this may end up jamming your intuitive flow instead of helping it flow. Also, reversed cards can be contrasted by cards that are upright, adding to the tarot spread dynamic—since you will be able to observe how the archetypes and their energies are distributed in the spread."


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