Stalker Card Reading

Stalker Card Reading

Got a stalker card, a card that keeps appearing in your personal readings, and you want to know why? You would like to question its stalkerish tendencies, make visible its motives, and just figure out what on earth is it trying to tell you and why is it so obsessed with making itself known!?

We’ll catch your stalker card by its little feet and have a proper conversation with this mini reading!


a 500-word PDF or a 15 min video file
a photograph of your tarot spread
worksheet for reflection
one journal prompt / exercise

1. WHAT!! – What is your stalker card trying to tell you?
2. You Little Bugger – What is fueling your little friend’s stalking behaviour?
3. Okay, but Stop stalking me! – How can you ensure that you take its message to heart and so it’ll move on with its attention-whoring tendencies, sorry–I mean, attentive care and concern for its deck holder’s well being?


☆ You would like to explore your stalker card’s reason for not “leaving you alone”
☆ You want to see if your stalker card is alerting you to any hidden perspectives or unresolved emotions with each of its return
☆ You want to better integrate your stalker card’s message so you can move forward with its lessons
☆ Basically you want to get rid of it and get some privacy, for tarot’s sake!


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1. Information on the reading you purchased
2. The name & e-mail associated with your PayPal account
3. A paragraph or two on what you would like the reading to address and explore

You can also do so by using the contact form here!

What are my readings like? Read more about my approaches and ethics here!


Stalker Card Tarot Reading: EMAIL OPTION

500-word .PDF document delivered to your specified e-mail address within 7 days of purchase ❤



Stalker Card Tarot Reading: VIDEO OPTION

15 min video reading delivered via a private Youtube link within 7 days of purchase ❤


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