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Can’t Find the Spread that You Need?Β 

Been searching for a spread but can’t seem to find the one you need? Got an idea for a spread but can’t seem to come up with the appropriate spread positions? Looking for a unique spread to use in your professional practice that stands out from other readers? Or maybe you want to craft a fun spread with creative themed elements but your brain shuts off from the horror that is extended metaphors?

Fret not, Kim’s Tarot Spread Machine to the rescue! πŸ˜€

Also, check out all the spreads that I’ve created so far here! Spreads Directory

basic spread creation

Basic Spread Creation

No Doodle + Spread Creation Only

If you’re just looking to get a spread done and you don’t really need to spice it up with illustrations, the Basic Spread Creation gets straight down to the spread crafting: no doodles, no embellishments. Just straight up spread goodness.

Β Custom Order Spread



Hand Doodled Spread Creation

Hand Doodle Spread Creation

Hand-drawn Doodle + Spread Creation

If you’ve been following my Instagram, then you’ve probably seen some of my creative doodled spreads! On top of the spread itself, you’ll get an adorable picture as its company! It’s a win-win, really. πŸ™‚

Custom Order Spread



Digital Doodle Spread Creation

Digital Doodle Spread Creation

Digitally Drawn + Processed

Same idea as the Hand Doodle Spread, but this one is done completely and solely on the computer. This allows me edit and revision room, and you also get a copy of all the separate image pieces that are present within the spread should you need to use it in the future.

Custom Order Spread



Photo Image Spread Creation

Photo/Image Spread Creation

Photography background + Spread Creation

Instead of doodle and custom illustrations, this one you’ll get a spread with a gorgeous (free) photograph or picture as a background. The layout is more simple but no short of aesthetics.

Custom Order Spread



Questions? Shoot me an e-mail at fablesden [at] gmail.com or send me aΒ PM via Etsy!

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