PRE-ORDER 🐼 Way of the Panda Tarot: Dream Edition

PRE-ORDER 🐼 Way of the Panda Tarot: Dream Edition


*Please note that the pictures are from a pre-printed test deck. The final product will be completely borderless + printed with the specs below.

A splash of Zen, a brush of Tao, a touch of whimsy, and tons of furry adorableness. A deck for serious chillers, carefree wanderers & panda lovers in dreamy watercolour. 

Pre-order Way of the Panda Tarot: Dream Edition!

The Dream Edition of Way of the Panda Tarot comes with 78 cards printed on 350gsm high quality cardstock with smooth matte lamination - all tucked into a lovely top-down box. Every deck also comes with a 70+ paged mini guidebook inside every box for quick reference + jumpstart you into your tarot journey if you are a beginner!

After the successful Kickstarter campaign, Way of the Panda Tarot has been funded at 245% and is scheduled to ship in August, 2019. Pre-orders will be queued right after the Kickstarter pledges, and is due to ship in August or September.

What’s the difference between the Kickstarter Edition and Dream Edition?

The Kickstarter edition contains 4 additional panda bonus cards: 1 mystery bonus card, The Stargazing Panda, The Witchy Panda, and the Caffeinated Panda. The Dream Edition will include the mystery bonus card but NOT the 3 stretch goal bonus cards from the Kickstarter campaign.

If you’re the first few people that pre-ordered the Regular Edition - don’t worry. You’re still getting the Dream Edition, and you’ll still be getting the mystery bonus card. It’s essentially the same edition - I just decided to change its name and throw in something extra.

Will I be able to get my hands on the Kickstarter edition?

Since I’m ordering in batches from my printer - there may be a small quantity of Kickstarter editions left. These remaining decks will likely only become available during special occasions or exclusive prizes to be won for future giveaway contests etc.

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