Tarot Planning Toolkit: Printables (LETTER)

Tarot Planning Toolkit: Printables (LETTER)

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Are you a planner junkie? Are you also a tarot nerd? Stationary. Tarot. The intersection of various nerderies--is this package right here. Tarot Planning Toolkit designed to boost productivity, inspire purpose, and overcome any challenge that is coming your way! Not to mention this is the perfect tarot studying & journaling toolkit - if you need a place to keep track of your daily draws, monthly spreads and yearly readings + if you need a dated "space" to note down all your deck study notes as you explore a new tarot deck or new tarot practice - these multi-purpose and super flexbile printables will help you keep everything neat and organized!


  1. "The Tarot Planning Toolkit" - 55 pages, PDF file, letter sized (includes MON and SUN start)

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