The Tarot Pet Toolkit: Printables + E-Guide

The Tarot Pet Toolkit: Printables + E-Guide


The perfect resource for doing pet readings with tarot! 🐱🐶🐹 🦜🐇

Jampacked with tarot & pet-centric resources: printables, journal prompts, tarot spreads and guides-your cat approves of this toolkit, your dog wants to play fetch with this toolkit, and your birds sing about it at night! 

What’s inside this 37-paged awesome furry + feathery toolkit:

  • 19 pages of letter-sized printables, trackers, spreads & journal prompts for caring, bonding & understanding your animal friends.

  • …followed by an 18-paged e-guide on utilizing the toolkit printables & tips on reframing tarot’s archetypes + reinterpreting the majors, minors & courts in animal readings!

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