Tarot Daily Draw Calendar + Pattern Tracker (FILOFAX A5)

Tarot Daily Draw Calendar + Pattern Tracker (FILOFAX A5)

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Wherever you are on your tarot journey--seasoned or beginner, personal or professional--this concise monthly calendar tracker will help you keep a record of your daily draws.

Need a place to do all your "tarot math" on top of keeping a record for your daily draws? *cue infomercial voice* You need a system or framework to unravel the recurring themes, patterns, numbers, and sequences. You need a place to keep everything together, a neat pile of your data, a springboard for your tarot journaling and reflections...

What You’re Getting

  1. Tarot Daily Draw Calendar (4 Colors) + Pattern Tracker - 10 pages, PDF, Filofax A5 sized

The Tarot Daily Draw Calendar comes in 4 colours: baby blue, light lilac, pretty pink & gracious green, all included in the PDF file. The Pattern Tracker has both Monthly Review + Weekly Review, with spaces to track your “statistics” and recurring cards as well as reflection spaces.

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