Services and Policies

services and policies


My readers are person-centred. This means that my readings are focused on you (the Hero of your story!) – where you are on your current journey, what challenges you are facing, how you want to feel,  and how you want to live your life to the fullest.

I do not offer readings about a third party. As mentioned above, I love to focus on you – your perspectives, your attitudes, what your story is, and the choices that you can make to shape your future and the continuous unfolding of your narrative. 

I do not offer readings that are predictive in nature. The future is always in flux and changes with the choices that you make. However, I do take into account of possible energies that are coming in and possible roles you may need to play for what you want to achieve.

I am not a medium. I won’t be able to contact somebody who is deceased. As much as I would like to channel encouraging messages from people who have crossed over, my antennas for that kind of frequency is way to short for any serious medium work. Those cute stubby things really don’t pick up much from the Other Side!

I do not offer readings about legal, financial, or medical issues. I do not have any expertise in those areas. Please consult a professional for any issues related to those topics.

All information you offer and share will remain strictly confidential. Goes without saying, of course.


Please offer me some notes and focus areas regarding to what you wish to explore and/or accomplish in a reading. This is not absolutely mandatory, but you really get more out of a tarot reading the question is focused. Give me the “setting” of your story, and I’ll get a read on what your “character” is up to!

Unless otherwise specified on the listing, all readings will be completed and delivered within 7 days. Usually, you’ll get it in 5, but you know, just in case I suddenly become stranded on an island with no Wifi or something. Or my cat sabotages my keyboard with his lethally adorable paws.

Completed readings are non-refundable unless I am personally unable to fulfill your request. If that is the case, I will offer you a full refund. If you do change your mind after purchasing the reading, please e-mail me as soon as you can before the reading is scheduled to happen. I will offer you a full refund if the reading has not been scheduled in!

I reserve the right to refuse any questions that do not align with my approaches and attitudes towards tarot. You will, of course, be given a full refund of your purchase should this be the case. Having that said, I will do my best to work with you to rephrase, reframe or refocus your question into something that will benefit and empower you!

Please message me if you have any questions regarding to my services and policies!

You can send me a message via, or through the contact form here.

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