This page is still under construction. Links will be updated and available soon. Thank you for your patience!  Everything is still viewable for viewing via the sub tabs under Tarot , though.

(This corner of the Fables Den is mostly) Learning goodies for independent study and tarot learning

Explore the world of tarot through creative storytelling: here, you will find a den of learning resources for the tarot & the process of tarot. Exercises, activities, games, journal prompts, worksheets, printables, and (once in a blue moon) planner pages.This post shall serve as the main portal and threshold crossing, guiding you to the many worlds and dimensions of tarot learning– *voice trails off into the distance, dramatic instrumental music plays*

Alright, alright. It’s a masterlist or site tree of all the learning resources available via this website. I just wanted to make it sound epic.

(But it’s just a tarot-centric corner in general) You can also find deck reviews, other manifestations of tarot thoughts, tarot poetry, archetypes, heroe’s journey, symbolism–some stuff are bordering literature but when discussed in the context of tarot-

This subheading is getting waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.

But yeh. Anything tarot related, baby. Or should I say “bae”?

No. No “bae”. And no “baby”.