Road Through Faery Reading

road through faery reading

Blood, fire, brambles, shadow. The road through Faery is a precarious one. Fears grip you like cold hands. Illusions slither past your feet, hissing like snakes. You run from monsters, ghosts. Deformed, frightening creatures. Soul eaters that won’t stop until they are wearing your face and your name.

In Faery’s shadowscapes, passion burns, tears fall like rain: each ripple of your emotion is a colossal wave, each nightmare a reflection of your entrapment, your reality. The only thing that will save you from the forces of the dark is Courage, and Truth.

This reading requires a bit of daring, and the willingness to get in touch with the darker aspects of yourself, to face your Ego head-on, and to free yourself from its grasp.


a 1200-word PDF
a photograph of your tarot spread
worksheet for reflection
one journal prompt / exercise

 1. The Gate to Faery – Arriving at the edge of Faery, the Gatekeeper bids you welcome. State your name, who you are, and what you are looking for.
2. The Faery Road – What are the necessary changes you must undertake to embark on this journey?
3. The Toll Booth – To continue, you must pay your toll. What are some of the attitudes, behaviours and relationship dynamics that no longer serve you and are in need of release?
4. The Sword of Truth and Courage – What will help you cut through your ego’s fear-based loop of excuses and better integrate your shadow?
5. The Destination – Why are you here at the Faery? What is the purpose of this journey?
6. Parting Words from the Gatekeeper – People come and go. The Gatekeeper may not look like he’s wise, but has seen a lot, if not all. Before you leave, he offers you some words of wisdom and guidance to help you along with your journey once you leave Faery realm.

This spread is inspired by & adopted from Raffaele De Angelis’s Dark Fairytale Tarot.


This reading is written in first person and places you in the narrative as a character. You will experience the reading as “I” – you will “read about yourself” and how you traverse through the lands of the Faery and experience those cathartic encounters in real time.

This will be an intuitively channeled story that will draw you in and take you on a meditative journey of release and healing.

Please note that themed elements are only available via the e-mail option. If you purchase the video option, it will be delivered in second person (basically addressing you as “you”) with some references to storytelling. But it’ll be mostly be a regular video reading.


☆ You have a specific issue or memory that is unresolved and constantly haunting you – you want to explore the impact they have had and why it is still affecting you
☆ You are regularly triggered by fears and insecurities – you can feel that they’re there but you don’t know where they’re coming from
☆ You want to be free from your past and negative mental or emotional patterns
☆ You are thinking of doing some shadow work and delving into the depths of your subconscious to see what dwells there – so that you may release any stuck energies and integrate them more fully
☆ You want to experience a deeply intuitive tarot reading written in a raw, first person narrative voice

Road Through Faery Tarot Reading: EMAIL OPTION

1200-word .PDF document delivered to your specified e-mail address within 7 days of purchase ❤


Road Through Faery Tarot Reading: VIDEO OPTION

25 min video reading delivered via a private Youtube link within 7 days of purchase ❤


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