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relationship compass reading

Do you feel like you’re always dealing with the same “type” of people? The same type of issues and emotional patterns over and over? Why do you always feel this way? Why are they always in your life? Why does this always happen – the same story again and again?

Time for a breakthrough!

The hurdles we face in relationships are so intrinsically linked to our sense of self: our confidence, our self-worth, our worldviews and attitudes, and our visions for a happier future. A quest of the heart is never an easy one; it gets so personal. It’s both subtle and bold, easy and complicated, light and shadows, and all the colours of the rainbow.

Even though a relationship takes two to tango, I believe that we ourselves hold the key to unlock a successful and fulfilling relationship. We can’t tango if we haven’t mastered the dance ourselves, and we can only dance at the level of our partner. So it’s not really about “how can I find someone better?” and placing the responsibility of a better relationship in the hands of another– it’s about “How can I become better so I can dance with someone who is just as good as me?” and taking charge of the relationships in our lives by taking charge of ourselves.

So instead of “What kind of relationships do you want in your life?” I should really ask: “What kind of relationships do you want to CREATE in your life? Who do you want to become?”

This reading will delve into your habits and tendencies when you are placed in a relationship. This could be a relationship of any kind: romantic relationship, a friendship, or connection with family. Anything that requires you to relate to people in personal ways.


a 1200-word PDF or a 25 min video file
a photograph of your tarot spread
worksheet for reflection
one journal prompt / exercise

1. Your Love Narratives – What are your core values? What do you seek in a relationship? Who do you aspire to be in a relationship?
2. Your Fear Narratives – What are your limiting belief about relationships? What are some of the shadow tendencies that you project into a relationship?
3. Your Boundaries – What are the truths you seek to uphold? What is your “deal-breaker” in a relationship? What do you stand for and won’t stand for?
4. Your Communication Style – How do you communicate with your partner? We’ll explore the strengths or potential weaknesses when it comes to your style of communication and highlight any focus areas brought up by tarot.
5. Your Problem Solving Style – How do you address the issues in your relationship? This is a big one and determines how high your relationships in life can soar!
6. Your Current Cosmic Cycle – What are the lessons you are learning and what are you journeying towards?
7. Release & Heal – What is something that you need to heal from? How can you integrate your memories, your feelings and your experiences into your present narrative, and move forward in a positively way?
8. Growth & Level – How can you continue to grow as a person? How can you attract the kind of relationship that you want by first cultivating it within yourself?


☆ You’ve been attracting people that aren’t right for you or confront you in challenging ways
☆ You’ve been dealing with recurring issues that trigger a lot of fear, insecurity and negativity
☆ You feel like you’re stuck in the same “loop” and you can’t seem to break out of a relationship pattern
☆ You have issues communicating your boundaries or what you want in a relationship
☆ You want to attract better people and more fulfilling relationships in your life
☆ You want to cultivate better self-awareness, balance and confidence in the way you enter and sustain relationships
☆ You want to actively release and heal from any fear-based thinking and emotional baggage that are holding you back
☆ You want to explore your own perspectives and boundaries on love and relationships


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