Lightworker’s Compass

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You want to be a source of light on this planet. It is your undeniable calling – to bring healing, to provide guidance, to inspire growth and to spread love and illumination. You are a Lightworker, in whatever shape or form, and you have a message, a wonderful gift to share with the world.

In this reading, we’ll explore what “lights you up” and what is your unique message that you want to give to the world. We’ll also explore some of your shadow tendencies that may need to surface so they can be properly integrated into your being as you continue on with your lightworking journey.


a 1000-word PDF or a 25 min video file
a photograph of your tarot spread
worksheet for reflection
one journal prompt / exercise

1. Purpose – Why do you want to be a lightworker? What lights you up when you serve the world and your purpose?
2. Light – What is your biggest strength as a lightworker? What is your unique shine?
3. Shadow: What are some negative attitudes or beliefs that may hinder your growth or you as a lightworker?
4. Homework – How can you continue to improve and grow as a lightworker? What can you continue to work on as you journey?
5. Treasure – How would your work as a source of light help you grow as a person? What is the gift that you will receive if you continue to embark on this journey?
6. Message – What is your message as a lightworker and spiritual figure?  What are your core values that you seek to share with the world?


☆ You have a lightworking practice or you are thinking of starting a heart-centred practice in order to be of service
☆ You would like to explore your unique gifts and perspectives as a lightworker
☆ You want to learn what sets you apart from other lightworkers and how to shine your unique light
☆ You would like to connect deeper with your craft and understand your own strengths when you’re “out there lightworkin”
☆ You would like to gain some insights into your style of lightworking so you can make the best use of your gifts
☆ You would like to energize your lightworking practice and explore how you can continue to grow and level up


After purchasing a tarot reading through PayPal, please be sure to send a message to with the following information:

1. Information on the reading you purchased
2. The name & e-mail associated with your PayPal account
3. A paragraph or two on what you would like the reading to address and explore. For this reading, please mention what kind of lightworking practice that you currently hold! For example, tarot reader, reiki practitioner, a school teacher, an animal shelter volunteer, etc. You are a lightworker when you are sharing your light and being of service – even when you may not “seem” like one!

You can also do so by using the contact form here!

What are my readings like? Read more about my approaches and ethics here!

Lightworker’s Compass Tarot Reading: EMAIL OPTION

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Lightworker’s Compass Tarot Reading: VIDEO OPTION

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