Level Up with Tarot

level upThe archeyptal wisdom of tarot is quite versatile. I guess that’s the power of archetypes, eh? Because it is tarot’s nature to be symbolic and reflective of our reality and our priorities, it can be used to accomplish all kinds of leveling-up you want to do in life. Tarot can be your personal coach and help you be more productivity. Tarot can be your Muse and inspire you to unlock your creativity and make good art. Tarot can be your compass for spiritual wayfaring and guide you on your journey.

Seriously, too much goodness in a deck of 78 cards. Too much magic and wonders and awesomeness. (Once I’m done designing A Tarot Story course, I’m going to design a course of tarot & productivity as well as some general leveling up in life for personal power and transformation. Gaaah I’m so excited!)

But for now, please use the 2 category tabs in the Menu Bar (up there, under LEVEL UP) to check out how you can use tarot to level up your productivity in life + how you can use it to help you with your creative writing practice.

keep calm and tarot on

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