Keep Calm and Drink Tea Reading

Keep Calm and Drink Tea Reading

Feeling a bit down and overwhelmed? Feeling like you need a break and take some time for yourself? Come have a cup of soul-warming tea with the Tea Lady and a chunk of heart-filling cookie. Everything is gonna be alright. Remember, where there is tea, there is hope!!



a 500-word PDF or a 15 min video file
a photograph of your tarot spread
worksheet for reflection
one journal prompt / exercise

1. Tell Me Everything  – What’s troubling you and why you are in a dire need of tea?
2. Darling, Drink That Darjeeling – What can you do to nurture yourself right now?
3. The Cookies Here are Better, Up Where It Is Brighter – What can you do to avoid being trapped in a negative thought loop? Caramel pecan, mmmmmm.


  This reading is delivered through the character voice of the Tea Lady, a gentle but fierce Victorian love-machine that only has your best interest in mind. Which includes stuffing your soul (and your body) with soul-enriching caffeine and home-made cookies.


☆ You want to hold space for yourself and would like a gentle reminder on how you can best take care of your energy
☆ You want to neutralize the tension and negativity you are experiencing right now, start fresh and feel like a new day
☆ You are looking for some heart-opening soul-steeped tea in order to approach your situation or issues from a place of balance, peace, and empowerment
☆ You want a non-conventional reading delivered “in character” with copious references to tea and nerdy caffeinated metaphors
☆ You are looking for some fun and loving advice that is delivered via a gentle pep talk


After purchasing a tarot reading through PayPal, please be sure to send a message to with the following information:

1. Information on the reading you purchased
2. The name & e-mail associated with your PayPal account
3. A paragraph or two on what you would like the reading to address and explore

You can also do so by using the contact form here!

What are my readings like? Read more about my approaches and ethics here!

Keep Calm and Drink Tea Tarot Reading: EMAIL OPTION

500-word .PDF document delivered to your specified e-mail address within 7 days of purchase ❤


Keep Calm and Drink Tea Tarot Reading: VIDEO OPTION

15 min video reading delivered via a private Youtube link within 7 days of purchase ❤


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