Finding Neverland Reading

finding neverland reading

Were you pressured to conform or “obey the rules” when you were a child? Do you wish that your parents could “do better” when it came to certain aspects of your upbringing? Are there unresolved relationships between you and your family members? Do you ever feel like you have to “act like an adult” and “do adult things” and you can’t do certain things or be a certain way – now that you are older? Do you kind of wish that you can be freely creative without worrying about what others may think of you?

Your Inner Child is very powerful, but it needs a lot of nurture, attention and healing to exist at its full power. Working with your Inner Child is all about honest dialogue, and that’s what this reading is about! Come closer! I’m grabbing Tink so I can sprinkle you with some faerie dust. Now think happy thoughts, because we’re off to Neverland to meet your Inner Child.

Second star to the right and straight on till morning!


a 1000-word PDF
a photograph of your tarot spread
worksheet for reflection
one journal prompt / exercise

1. Second Star to the Right and Straight on Till Morning – What does your Inner Child want to explore and work on with you right now?
2. Peter Pan: Meeting Your Inner Child – What message does your Inner Child have for you? What are the needs and desires of your Inner Child right now?
3. Captain Hook: Your Adult Self – What is your relationship (as an adult now) with your Inner Child? How do the “two of you” interact with each other?
4. The Crocodile: Dangers of Adulthood – What is challenging for you as an adult right now? How is it triggering your Inner Child and childhood memories associated with it?
5. Wendy Darling: Growing Up – What is something your adult self can impart on your Inner Child?
6. The Hidden Kiss – How can you bring healing and power to your Inner Child?




☆ You are reliving some challenging memories and experiences from your upbringing
☆ You are telling yourself that “it’s no big deal” but that memory or experience still holds you with unshakable gravity
☆ You feel burdened by the responsibilities and dread of “adulting”
☆ You want to take a flight to Neverland and gain a better understanding of your childhood memories and how those experiences may still be impacting you today
☆ You want to tap into the magic and creativity of your Inner Child and inject a new sense of power


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