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Been sitting in front of your desk and trying to create but like, nothing’s coming out? Feeling blocked and constipated when you are trying your best to be productive? What gives? What’s jamming your brain, glitching your system, stopping your flow?

Let’s get to the bottom of your creative block, awaken your muse, and get your creative engines fired up once more!


a 1000-word PDF or a 25 min video file
a photograph of your tarot spread
worksheet for reflection
one journal prompt / exercise

1. Knitting Pattern – What is your goal for your current creative project? What are you trying to achieve?
2. All That Mental Yarn – What is blocking and jamming your creative flow?
3. Unwind The Knitty Gritty – What can you do to push through your creative blocks?
4. Hooked on Power – What are your strengths that you can rely on to build momentum? How can you tap into your best traits to deepen into your creative practice & generate flow?
5. Gosh Yarn It – How can you invite more inspiration into your creative process in an organic way?
6. Sew Sew Creative – How can you better align your creativity with your authentic self?


☆ You’re working on a creative project and you’re STUCK! And you don’t know why!
☆ You are trying to be productive but nothing seems to give
☆ You’re overwhelmed with stress and anxiety due to the fact that you haven’t made any progress with your goals – and it’s driving you crazy
☆ Your work flow is a mess and you’re having a hard time sorting out all that mental yarn
☆ You’ve been creating but you’re not sure if you’re on the right track or if you’ve gone astray
☆ You want to decompress and look for ways to understand / troubleshoot your process so you’re not hating something you’re meant to love
☆ You want to explore the sources of your stress and creative block so you can better navigate your creative process

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