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Do you identify as an empath? Are you always picking up emotions from all over the place and sometimes you’re not even sure if they are your own? Do you struggle with personal boundaries and communicating those boundaries? Do you constantly have to manage your energy so you don’t get sucked into a social chasm?

Ah, all the feels. It’s a lot to be an empath sometimes, but this shall not be a curse or a burden. Being an empath is a gift that allows you to tune into your intuition and your inner wisdom, and makes you naturally compassionate, sensitive and giving to the needs of others. In this reading, let’s explore how you can manage your energy and your experience so that you can enjoy the gifts and blessings of being an empath, instead of being overloaded with a bucketful of feelings!


a 1200-word PDF or a 25 min video file
a photograph of your tarot spread
worksheet for reflection
one journal prompt / exercise

1.  Your Story of Feels – What is your current experience as an empathic person?
2. You & People – How does this impact your relationships with others?
3. You & Yourself – How does this impact the relationship you have with yourself?
4. Breaking Free from Toxic Patterns – How can you prevent your empathic abilities from turning into a curse?
5. Your Voice and Your Truths – How can you best communicate your boundaries and your needs as an empath?
6. Raise Your Vibes – How can you raise your vibrations and prevent energy draining?
7. You Are Blessed – How can you best use and enjoy your gifts as an empath?


☆ You identify as an empath and you would like explore how you can navigate your experiences as a sensitive individual
☆ You struggle with personal boundaries and communicating your needs as an empathic person because of your tendency to be giving
☆ You struggle with breaking free from toxic patterns that are emotionally and energetically draining
☆ You want to find out how you can manage your energy and emotional involvement and approach your experiences from a place of self-care and self-love
☆ You would like to figure out ways to put your self first (especially in relationships) without feeling guilty or like you are cutting people off
☆ You would like some insight and guidance on how you can best navigate your empathic abilities and enjoy being an empath and what it has to offer


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