Birthday Reading

birthday reading

Is it your birthday? Or do you feel like you’re going through an epic transformation and you’re being cosmically reborn? That is super exciting!

Let’s celebrate and appreciate you because you, my friend, are a gift to the world from the Universe. Your existence means the world. Who are you? What do you have to be grateful for in your life thus far? What are your dreams and wishes for the future? What are some awesome things that the Universe has in store for you and are coming your way? Seriously – is there a better time to check in with yourself to see if you are aligned with both spirit and happiness?

I know it’s cheesy, but let’s make it completely about you on your birthday. 😉


a 1200-word PDF or a 25 min video file
a photograph of your tarot spread
worksheet for reflection
one journal prompt / exercise

1. Happy Birthday! – What is something worth celebrating in your life right now?
2. Happy & Full of Gratitude – What do you have to be grateful for?
3. Happy & Full of Dreams – What is your heart’s desire?
4. Happy & Ready for Action! – How can you move towards achieving it?
5. Happy & Full of Grace – What does your spirit guide want for you? or what does the universe want for you?
6. Happy Go Lucky – A cosmic birthday present – to you! What is something lucky – a gift, a treasure, a wonderful synchronicity–that is coming your way to celebrate your birthday with you?
7. Happy & Blessed – A blessing & pep talk from the Universe, channeled through intuition and tarot!


☆ It’s your birthday, and what a perfect time to spoil yourself with a tarot reading
☆ Or, you have a special someone in your life with an upcoming birthday and you want to surprise them with a tarot reading!
☆ You would like to connect with your inner joy, celebrate yourself and appreciate what life has had to offer you thus far!
☆ You want to check in with your heart’s desire / true calling and aspire to live a more authentic life aligned with your spirit’s purpose!
☆ You want to tune in to the positive vibrations of luck and prosperity + activate the law of attraction to attract better energies, better realities and better outcomes into your life!
☆ You want to use your birthday as an opportunity to hit the “reset” button and rekindle, rejuvenate and revamp your mentality + energy so you can move towards your upcoming year with a bag of optimistic juju’s!


After purchasing a tarot reading through PayPal, please be sure to send a message to with the following information:

1. Information on the reading you purchased
2. The name & e-mail associated with your PayPal account
3. A paragraph or two on what you would like the reading to address and explore

You can also do so by using the contact form here!

What are my readings like? Read more about my approaches and ethics here!

Birthday Tarot Reading: EMAIL OPTION

1200-word .PDF document delivered to your specified e-mail address within 7 days of purchase ❤


Birthday Tarot Reading: VIDEO OPTION

25 min video reading delivered via a private Youtube link within 7 days of purchase ❤


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