Acorn to Oak Reading

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An acorn is a seed. A seed is an idea, a desire, a goal, a vision, a project, a plan. With the right environment, proper nourishment and care, the acorn will eventually and ultimately grow into a handsome oak tree!

What’s your “acorn”? Let’s plant it in the Universe’s infinite field of abundance, manifest it, and make it a reality!


a 1200-word PDF or a 25 min video file
a photograph of your tarot spread
worksheet for reflection
one journal prompt / exercise

1. Your Acorn – What are you trying to manifest?
2. Soil – What resources do you need to get started? Be it information, a practical routine, or physical resources–we’ll lock them down and get you ready to go and grow!
3.Sunshine – What can you do to help it grow? How can you give it the light that it needs to shine?
4. Water – What do you need to do to nurture it along? How can you take care of your project to make sure that it’ll be doing its best?
5. Knot – What is something you can watch out for and circumvent? Potential problems or complications that you need to watch out for to minimize any lag or disruption!
6. Trunk – What will help you be strong? This position will check in with your foundations and look into what will keep you grounded and secure as you embark on this project.
7. Your Oak – What is your goal? What do hope to achieve with your vision?
8. Branches – What are the benefits of your oak? What will this project bring you and what are the gifts you will receive from its growth?
9. Leaves – What are the unexpected gifts from your oak? What are some lucky energies that synchronicity is bringing to you?

This reading uses the Acorn to Oak Spread by Barbara Moore.


☆ You identify as an empath and you would like explore how you can navigate your experiences as a sensitive individual
☆ You struggle with personal boundaries and communicating your needs as an empathic person because of your tendency to be giving
☆ You struggle with breaking free from toxic patterns that are emotionally and energetically draining
☆ You want to find out how you can manage your energy and emotional involvement and approach your experiences from a place of self-care and self-love
☆ You would like to figure out ways to put your self first (especially in relationships) without feeling guilty or like you are cutting people off
☆ You would like some insight and guidance on how you can best navigate your empathic abilities and enjoy being an empath and what it has to offer


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