17761704_10158369117870580_1424986710_oHello, hello, and welcome to this humble place of magic.

My name is Kimberly M. Tsan, an intuitive tarot reader, writer, and poet. Fables Den is many things, but first and foremost, it is where I infuse tarot + creative storytelling to deliver unique story-themed readings that are rich in imagery and insight.

That’s my one-liner, phew. One-liners are hard! If I were to include everything about Fables Den in a one-liner, it will be a very long sentence indeed.

Now that’s out of the way, allow me to inform you that you’ve enter the lair of my ultimate nerdom! As of now, I’m sneakily shutting the door with a grin (not locking it, because you know, that’ll be messed up). You gotta let me show you around the Den. So like, I’ve got lots of tarot study resources, free tarot worksheets, exercises & journal prompts, tarot & productivity goodness, tarot poetry, using tarot for writing, and…

OK, OK, before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you a story about storytelling. (Story-ceptioned! Ha!)

So, storytelling has been a big part of my life. I grew up a literary nerd and a bibliophile, and I stayed a literary nerd and bibliophile. Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, I wanted to be the next J. K. Rowling and write the next fantasy bestseller that would seize the world by storm. But when I grew up, and I found tarot, I found who I am. I connected with my own personal myth and was inspired to make courageous choices in the unfolding of my own narrative. Tarot gave me the gift of authorship and incredible sense of freedom as well as autonomy. (That’s the extremely distilled and condense version of my tarot origin story, by the way. If you want to give your eyeballs for a good roll, here’s the long version.)

As a tarot reader and storyteller, I seek to pass on the same gift (the gift of courage, freedom and authorship) and the incredible magic of tarot to the world. I believe the stories we tell have incredible power, whether they are a flash of fictional whim or a snapshot of our real life’s narratives. Stories are the product of a complex, ever-changing matrix of memories, attitudes and worldview that encompass us, and the way we “author” our life reveals a great deal about who we are at the very moment. Ultimately, we are defined by the stories we choose to tell about ourselves and our lives.

Because of this, I believe in the active participation and cultivation of our own stories.

I believe in the constant shaping and choosing of our own empowerment. The stories that empower you are the stories you need to tell–and more often then not, it is less about the storytelling but about the choosing.

Unlike the stories you read in books or movies, your story is constantly in flux because it is your own creation. Your past, present and future are entirely subjected to the mercy of your whims and desires. YOU get to decide how you want to tell the stories that happened and how you want to live out the rest of your narrative. As long as you are alive, YOU have the power to change your story however you see fit and the live the story that you’ve always dreamed of living.

You are both the author and the hero of your own story. You are your own knight in shiny armour. You are your own ferocious dragon steed. You are your own Excalibur forged with iron and steel. You are your own witch, enchantress, angel, and wonderworkers of magic. You are your own chosen one

I see you. I see your light, even if, perhaps, you have a hard time to. You’re the hero of your own story. You really, truly are. And I see you. You can do it. Whatever it is you are thinking about. Whatever it is you are dreaming of. I see you.

I want to help you see you. That, is my mission. That is my purpose, my true calling.

And that is the heart, the message of Fables Den. When you enter (or, I mean, you’re already in here…), feel the soft vibrations of its walls. It’s infused with my heartbeat. Fables Den is me and how I want to be of service to the world. And I’m really happy that you’re here, so I get to share with you what I love. The Den is cozy but it’s its world entire. (One of my favourite literary constructions by Comrac McCarthy, from The Road. I cannot take credit for it, but I am shamelessly quoting it.)

Anyhoo. Feel free to look around through the tabs on top of the page. Or, if you’re ready for some storybook magic…


Down the Rabbit Hole. Join the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Starry Starry Nights. Walk the Dark Faery Road. Bow to the Goddess of Sekhmet. Dance in a Field of Sunflowers. Or Simply, Tea.

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