A Tarot Story

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Why Study Tarot with Storytelling? 

Why not? 😀

If you think about it, doing a tarot reading is more or less an act of storytelling. You engage with the image in front of you, you decode and interpret the symbolism, and you put everything together into a coherent narrative for yourself or for your querent.

The realm of tarot encompasses the never-ending stories of humanity. Fairy tales, myths and folklore around the world share universal themes about the human experience. Tarot, through its symbolism and archetypes, conveys the experiences, psychological episodes and emotional scenes that we collectively share as human beings.  

In short, a deck of tarot cards is basically a matrix of universal and personal myths in physical form that we can hold in our hands. How awesome is that!? Indeed, the World of Tarot is full of magical characters that have wonderful wisdom to impart and fantastical tales to share, so why not explore and learn about this world through their myths and lores?

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Once Upon a Tarot: An Introduction 

The Tarot Realm is a place populated by Gods, Royalties, and the Common Folk. The Deities of the Tarot Realm are known as the Major Arcana.They are godly personalities or consciousness that are the energies, wisdom and identities of the collective unconsciousness and are able to embody, connect, and impart wisdom on a godly level (excerpt from Tarot Beginnings). 

Of course, the Gods are not the sole existences in this special world. There are Four Elemental Kingdoms in the Realm of Tarot, and the Gods exist to watch over them and provide guidance for all their inhabitants. The four kingdoms are: The Fire Kingdom (Wands), the Air Kingdom (Swords), the Water Kingdom (Cups) and the Earth Kingdom (Pentacles).

How did the Elemental Kingdoms come about? Each Kingdom has their own unique Origin Story, but they all share the common trajectory as they develop into fullness and maturity. There are 10 Chapters in the History of Elemental Kingdoms, and each is a fascinating story that tells of each Kingdom’s becoming and destiny. This would be the numbered cards from the Minor Arcana, from Ace to 10, and each number contains a lesson that the Kingdoms have had to learn so that they may flourish as a people. The Common Folks of the Elemental Kingdoms continue to learn these lessons everyday.

Last but not least, each Elemental Kingdom of course is governed by rulers that represent the people’s interests and sentiments. The Royalties, a.k.a. the Court Cards, are figureheads of their Elemental Kingdom, representative of their people’s interests, various attitudes and sentiments. They are the Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages of each Kingdom.

Explore the Tarot Kingdom 

Major Arcana                           The 4 Suits                               Ace to 10                                Court Cards