The Tarot Rap: Fool’s Journey

So I wote a tarot rap.

Woooooot! It was a flash of creative whim, really. This song showed up at my door and found me. Now, I’m not a rapper and this is like my first rap ever, so I can’t say that my rapping is of badass quality (but I am proud of these lyrics, though!) Anyway. It was tremendously fun and I had a blast creating it. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it. Something fresh from the tarot-sphere. 😉

Also, if you’re a rapper or you have experience rapping, please, PLEASE cover this because it will be super cool to hear someone rap this–someone who can actually rap haha.

If you want to download this: clickity click here!


Here are the lyrics!

[The Fool] This is a story about The Fool
his journey through the Majors fantasical adventure

some people say he don’t know any betterbut this calling he can’t miss no matter what the weather

His soul pure and light as a feather
the type of guy who always go “never say never”
he steps off the cliff, to the white dog’s terror
this leap of faith, a moment of forever

[Magician]Now the first guy he meets, is a man of many magic
master, shaper, elemental bender
as above, so below, a walking classic
unleash the god within: your power, galactic

[High Priestess] Close your eyes, tap into your intuition
you are what you are, bring those inner wisdom up, for a start
a spiraling riddle, send you straight down the middle to your heart
your spirit’s a-giggle, your head’s a-tingle , woo-woo bingo

[Empress] Oh hello Earth Mother, oh don’t know where to start
breathless, her beauty, her eternal love
the divine feminine, all grace and nurture
she sees you, adores you, your laugh is her treasure

[Emperor] Long live the King bow down to his power
this game of thrones is not for wallflowers
leader of this order, protector of the realm
nothing gets past his watch, both hands on the helm

[Hierophant] Time to get schooled, a supreme education
Knowledge is power, no matter what the situation
doesn’t take much, become sophisticated person
All you have to do: look, shut up and listen

[Lovers] Shh who says you’re in this all alone
you’re perfect, complete down to your bones
the yin and the yang, the spirit’s back bone
choose freely. It is known you’re in the zone

[Chariot] Go speed.  Courage. Adrenaline. Momentum.
a live Kryptonian, sing the song, I’m victorious
strong and fierce this cannot be stopped
Imma ride this chariot to the top like a boss

[Strength] Boom. Crash. You don’t know what happened
your face in the ground, in the jaws of a lion
but the beast is not your enemy, there’s no remedy
it’s you vs you, shine bright it’s your destiny

[Hermit] Look down dig deep find the strength that is yours
don’t have to worry you’re safe and secure
you’ll rise with the solitude in this altitude
you’ll find the truth in multitude, a brand new attitude

[Wheel of Fortune] The wheel spins up and down, round and around
your heart keeps pounding, BOOM BOOM POW
you could be winning or losing, the clock will still be ticking
change ain’t stopping so you better keep on walking

[Justice] Win some lose some, karma is fair
don’t be rolling your eyes, chewing gum like you don’t care
fate is not your enemy; it’s your responsibility
what goes around comes around, show some humility

[Hanged Man] Upside down you are naked from the inside and out
suspended in mid air, look around, there is no way out
all eyes on you grow a second skin
when this is over you’ll know who you’ve been

[Death] Fire and ashes, you’re inside a cocoon
when you take your last breath only death is true
this metamorphosis and photosynthesis
close that chapter behind you, fear is your only nemesis

[Temperance] Coming back, flowing right, this place has no end
the clock has no hands; space-time is your friend
close your eyes, phew, take a big deep breath
you’re rooted in earth, into the sky you extend

[Devil] Darkness seeping in monsters in the closet
you’re still holding on, like photos in your locket
watch your back when you sleep, black sheep you’ll be counting
cheap tricks, crawling creeps, the thunders a-sounding

[Tower] This is the end; release the tension
dysfunction, eruption, total corruption
should be no surprise, deconstructing high rise, delayed repercussion
the tower falls it’s the ultimate destruction

[Star] When the storm ceases, whispering soft breezes
the stars come out, smoothing your spirit’s creases
they sing you their lullaby, all your pain, passerby
sleep in their gentle starlight and Let your dreams fly

[Moon] Smoke and mirrors, daydreams and nightmares
pale ghosts with stories so pretty and fair
honour the cycle, feed light to the crystal
return those secrets the veil and nothing is final

[Sun] Here’s to another day, shiny and brand new
laugh like a child , free yourself with the truth
in the sweet bright light, this pleasure has no error
live, laugh, love, come clean, life is tender

[Judgement] Oh here comes the angels, divine timing just right
synchronicity, 11:11, show me a sign
this is where I’m meant to be, where I need to be
see the angels next to me, took me so long to find me

[The World] Joy to the world your time has come
here you are, your existence no longer subpar
is this immortality, break causality
on top of the world, I’m forever complete

  One thought on “The Tarot Rap: Fool’s Journey

  1. November 26, 2017 at 3:34 PM

    That’s awesome!

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