Tarot Readers and Cardslingers Unite: #TarotNanoChallenge2017

23131191_10159393560015580_2058560352_oWriters and Cardslingers! Are you ready for National Novel Writing Month!? 

If you are embarking on this month-long quest of utmost intensity and creativity, then you’re in good company! Lots of tarot nerds happen to be creative writers as well (naturally–tarot and writing just go so awesome together.)

For this year, I will be hosting a 5-Day Tarot Nano Challenge #TarotNanoChallenge2017 on my Intsagram @fablesden. I have created 5 tarot spreads that will help you jumpstart your creativity, boost productivity, convey your message and identity as a writer, keep up the hard work and pace, and keep your eyes on the prize. They are mostly 3-4 card spreads, and are designed to be short and sweet. A spread that you can quickly do even if you’ve had a busy day. Spreads that are tools + that you can return to when you are in need of a power boost in the next 31 days.

Nano Challenge Start Pic

Tarot & Storycrafting Tools

Most of the spreads and challenge prompts I have created this year are most focused on the “meta” stuff. If you are looking for tarot spreads and resources that are more tailored towards concepting, worldbuilding, character-crafting and theme–check out the Nano Wrimo tab on the top right hand corner! It’ll lead you to the Creativity and Writing category and feel free to browse through all the tarot writing posts that I have written in the past years.

Also, I recommend checking out Ciaran’s Tea is for Tarot website. She’s hosted a 14-day Tarot & Writing Challenge on her Tumblr site, with super comprehensive and detailed prompts that will take you from the beginning of your writing journey to finish. 😀

As For Me…

It’s been an intensive few months for me–working through my creative overwhelm, lining up my projects, reflecting on my lessons and organizing/revamping my business–sometimes I feel like I’m evolving and “downloading info” so quickly, it’s just such a chore to want to make sure everything that is “of” me reflects that change, y’know? (…like that in and of itself is a lesson….so double lesson!? I’m also starting to realize that I’m a workaholic. I’ve always thought that I’m a well-paced “slow and steady” person, but apparent not!)

I’m slightly on the fence about participating in Nano because I have so much work to do still for November, but I haven’t written fiction in a while and I really miss the thrill–getting lost in the world I’ve created, spending time with my characters, and embarking on an adventure with them. I have a couple of ideas that are calling to me, waving their little hands at me, begging to be picked. Maybe I’ll write all of them, who knows. I’m about 80% sure that I am going to be writing something. I don’t think I have enough time to write a novel, though. A short story or two.


Here are the challenge prompts. Links will be updated in the next few days as soon as they are published! Stay tuned. 🙂

Challenge Day 01: Invoke Your Muse Spread
Challenge Day 02: Your Message to the World
Challenge Day 03: Perfect Blocks
Challenge Day 04: Keep Up the Pace
Challenge Day 05: Quest Reward



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