Self-Love September 2017

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Re: Self-Love September 2017 hosted by Kelly-Ann Maddox

If you didn’t know already, Self-Love September (SLS) is an event, a movement that is created by the sassy unicorn Kelly-Ann Maddox. Her passion, sincerity and wisdom on self-love has truly motivated me to delve into my own rich innerscapes, deeper and deeper, in search for a profundity and appreciation for all that I am. And as I re-surface, having taken a trip to the depths of my soul, I am inspired to share what I have learned and acquired on these transcendental journeys.

During the month of September, Fables Den will be saturated with SLS goodness. Check out the ideas and resources that I’ve put out for this year’s self-lovin’–scroll down to the bottom of the page for journal prompts, meditation and visualization guides, tarot spreads, and adorable tarot art all in the spirit of Self-Love!

VIDEO: How I first began my self-love journey and how I define self-love

VIDEO: how you can cultivate self-acceptance and learn to navigate your personality

RESOURCE: “Personality Compass” tarot spreadΒ 

21754683_10159200037475580_1969845725_o (1)

RESOURCE: 10 Journal Prompts for Cultivating a Better Relationship with YourselfΒ 

02-Self-Love Journal Prompts banner

RESOURCE: Cosmic DNA (purpose + personal power)

Cosmic DNA meditation guide banner

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